Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender Review

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You know you have got your PhD in makeup when you have finally mastered the cat eye. Some might argue that getting both cat eyes to be even is the hardest thing to do and hence you can never ask a lady with a cat eye why she is late 😛 The brand which created the Original Beauty Blender is known for creating amazing product. When they initially launched this product I am sure many felt like it was answer to their prayers.  Read on to know more about the Liner.designer by Beauty Blender.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender

Product Description:
A triple-edged eyeliner guide that’s perfect for using with pencils, gels, and liquid eyeliners. Achieve professional looking eyeliner results with this genius triple-sided guide. Three distinct sides, each designed for a different look, will help provide a steady hand and make it easy to create liner symmetry.  This product includes a five times magnifying mirror and suction cup that allows the compact to placed on any hard surface. Place the flexible, silicone guide above or below the eye as you apply mascara to keep makeup intact and mascara only on your lashes.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender details


My Experience with Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender:

Packaging:  I love how thoughtful and well-designed this product comes packaged in. It comes in a tiny sturdy compact case, with a magnifying mirror inside. You also get a suction cup to attach your case to your mirror or any smooth surface for easy access.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender

The liner designer is a small silicone triangle, each side is designed to serve a different purpose, but you are free to use it as you feel comfortable. This product is designed to stick to your skin. I find this alternative to be so much better than using tape as while ripping off the tape, you can harm your delicate eye area. While this product adheres to the skin better by method of suction or body heat (I really don’t know the science behind it), but it does adhere well for some time on its own. The grip is not hardcore hence it may fall off when you least expect it to, but you can also hold it with one hand while you apply shadow with the other, which is what I do. I also found that it does adhere better onto bare skin, using it over base product even moisturizer makes it fall off sooner.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender tip

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender backside

The thing I do not like about this product is that you only get one. I am someone who does both eyes at once with which I am able to make sure there is symmetry between both the eyes. I suppose you could buy another one but that means shelling out more of your dollars.

Usage:  I use this product in multiple ways. Mainly, I use it in place of tape or my much-loved Shadow shields. Though it works well for regular everyday looks when you need to get a clean cat eye edge, I would not rely on this if I am creating a look like a “smokey eye” I need utmost perfection.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender shape

I do consider myself quite good at getting cat eye done even without any help, but I do see this being extremely helpful for beginners to get their cat eye looking clean. You just trace your wing out on this, remove, and join it to the end to the middle of lids. Though the results are not as effortless as when using a tape or shadow shields (where you can be as messy as you like and when you peel it off the results are perfect) due to fact that this product has a thickness to it and you have to trace over it like a ruler.

Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender on eyes

I also use this to prevent mascara smudges on both lower and upper lashes, just hold it on your skin when you apply mascara. It is also helpful to prevent smudges on your concealer when you smudge your lower lash line. Basically, it is such a versatile tool you don’t have to restrict yourself. Experiment and see what works for you, maybe you could find a use that no one else knows about.

I do like that fact that this product helps in reducing wastage as it is easy to clean and it’s also reusable. Overall, I do think it is a good product but I feel like it could have been better. The concept is good but the performance needs improvement. I do think it is a good item to have for beginners in makeup as it does make things easier to some extent, but you do get similar (or even better results) with using something like a tape/any business card edge or shadow shields. It will require some patience from your side as well to deal with the design flaws of this product, mainly it keeps slipping off from your skin. I am also not impressed with the fact that they only included one liner for a majority of people who have 2 eyes!!

Pros of Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender:

  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • Does not cause damage to the delicate eye area, which may otherwise happen in the case when you rip off tape or other adhesive off your eye area.
  • Sleek, functional case.
  • Helps achieve clean edge when blending shadows.
  • Helps prevent mascara smudges.

Cons of Beautyblender Liner.Designer by Beautyblender:

  • There’s only one liner provided.
  • I dislike the fact that the stickiness of this liner is very unpredictable, sometimes it hold on for my whole makeup routine, but sometime, it falls off within 2 seconds.
  • Results are not as perfect as when using a tape or shadow shields.


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