8 Best Products for Healthy Hair

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Healthy hair is a dream come true for many ladies. But, of course, we all cannot achieve that. So, what to do in that case? Well, there are a number of products available in the market which can help you achieve somewhere near to that dream of healthy hair. Have a look at the products given below and then you can make your choice accordingly.

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1. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment:


A holy grail hair care product for dry hair types. It has argan oil, vitamin E and many antioxidants which nourish the hair and makes your hair super soft and super healthy. It imparts incredible shine and luster to your hair which will make your hair stand out in a crowd. And, this, when used once a month, can be excellent for extremely dry hair type.

2. Innisfree Camellia Essential Shampoo:


The shampoo is specifically designed for chemically treated and abused hair. The shampoo is very gentle and enriched with real extracts of camellia flower. The shampoo brings back life to your hair which has been damaged by excessive use of chemicals. It is also a clarifying shampoo and will reduce the product build up in your hair. The shampoo can be accompanied by the silicon-free conditioner from the same range for better results.

3. Kerastase Carre Lissant Touch Up Sheets:

The touch-up sheets are perfect to smoothen your hair during traveling. If you are on a flight or regular flyaways are your cause of concern or the wind in your hair is something which you don’t appreciate, then this is for you. Use this expensive smelling hair smoothening sheets and find your hair sleek and polished all the time.

4. L’Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum:

L’Oreal Professional Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum

This is a must buy for the thin hair types. It is a hair serum which is known to increase the hair thickness with guaranteed visible improvement. The hair serum has Stemoxydine and Neohesperidin. These ingredients work on your hair and increase the hair thickness to a great extent. The serum should be applied at least for 3 months every night in order to see results. It does not require washing off with shampoo so it will not be much of a hassle.

5. Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum:


This is one of those serums which are a must have for girls who always look forward to hair styling. When you expose your hair to heat regularly, then you need a strong heat protectant and this is what this serum is meant for. It tames the flyaways and makes the hair silky smooth. This comes in medium size, and thus, you can easily carry it when you are on a holiday too.

6. Microfiber Hair Towel:

A towel is one of the most important hair product. This is a microfiber towel which soaks water instantly from your hair and you don’t need to rub your hair vigorously which causes a lot of damage to your hair. Also, you can see that once you regularly start using this microfiber hair towel your hair will become much softer in the long run and the hair breakage will also reduce to a great extent.

7. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream:

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave in Hair Cream

Neutrogena selling hair care products?? No one would have imagined, but still, it’s true. They have this fab innovative hair care product which provides lots of moisture to the hair. This hair care product is for those days when you have abused your hair continuously for some days and then you want the hair to regain some health. This is a leave-in cream, so you need not rinse it, and thus, more reasons to use this one.

8. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product:


This is one of those wonder hair care products which score 10 out of 10 marks. This hair care product can be used in multiple ways. You can use it as a hair detangler or a product you can use when you are on a run. This is a spray hair care product which can be applied all over your hair. It will make your hair presentable and still very natural in a go.

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