Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit Review

Hey all!
Today I’ll be reviewing a Facial kit that I bought for my mom to pamper her on her birthday. Let’s see how it fares.

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Price: 215 INR

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit


Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

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My Mom’s Experience With Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit:

Starting off with it’s packaging, it’s quite creative. The contents come packaged in a box which can be opened. The jars are tiny and have green caps. They look super cute but you cannot immediately spot which one is which, unless you read the print on it. It comes with a manual which has all the instructions about how to use it and till what time you have to keep the product on your face. There are 5 jars in all, which I’ll be explaining in detail.

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

1. Papaya Scrub: The first jar is that of Papaya scrub. It doesn’t come with a cleanser. It is surprising because most of the kits usually come with a cleanser. Never mind. The scrub is muddy in colour and has small granules that help in exfoliating the skin. The paste looks like a Multani Mitti paste with a lot of granules. The scrub is very thick in consistency, so you have to mix a little bit of water to spread it easily on the skin. The granules aren’t harsh enough, but do their job well. The scrub has a nice fragrance to it. Sensitive noses won’t have any problem with its mild fragrance.

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

2. Saffron Gel: Next on the list is the Saffron Gel. It has the most refreshing fragrance out of all the jars. It has a very jelly-like consistency. It spreads evenly on the skin and doesn’t dry out fast, which is awesome because you have to massage the gel for a long time. It gives a cooling effect to the skin and my mom liked the way it felt on her skin. She felt relaxed while I was massaging this on her face and neck.

3. Clove Pack: The third step is to apply the Clove pack. It smells like cloves and herbs. The consistency is thick and it dries pretty quickly. So, you have to use this with some water for it to not dry up fast. My mom wasn’t comfortable with this on. She said it was irritating when I put this on her face. She kept the face pack only for sometime after which she washed it off.

4. Saffron Youth Dew Cream: Next up is The Saffron Youth Dew Cream. It is pale yellow in colour and is very light in consistency, almost gel-like. The cream gets absorbed quickly in the skin. It provides moisture to the skin making the skin feel soft. It does give a slight greasy feeling if you accidentally put a lot of it. It has a nice and mild fragrance which doesn’t linger much.

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

5. Clinical Dark Spot Corrector: The last step in the facial process is Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. My mom has an even skin tone, so she did not require this corrector. So I did not use this one on her. The cream looks like your regular cream. It is quite thick but gets absorbed quickly. I really cannot comment on how this works because I did not use this one. But the manual said that this was an optional step.

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit

Over all, my mom’s face felt fresh and relaxed after the facial. Her skin did not break out or anything after the process. She had a subtle glow to her face the next day. The result wasn’t immediate. The entire process took me 30 minutes, which is great.

Summing up the pros and cons…

Pros Of Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit:

• Affordable.
• One box will last upto 3 facial sessions.
• Little product goes a long way.
• Impressive ingredients list.
• Nicely packed.
• Provides a nice glow.
• Doesn’t break out the skin.
• Process takes only 30 minutes.
• Fragrance is mild.

Cons Of Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit:

• The clove pack gave slight burning sensation.

IMBB Rating: 4.5 / 5

Final Verdict:
The price is totally justified. I think it’s worth a try.

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8 thoughts on “Biotique Party Glow Facial Kit Review

  1. The clove pack gave a burning sensation probably cause it`s meant to treat breakouts, I suppose it should be applied only on the breakouts not on the whole face. 😛 I`ll like to try some of these face packs – they are really cute,- I have always had those jar packaging face packs of biotique.

    1. No Arja. I did read the manual carefully. It was supposed to be applied all over the face for 10-15 minutes!

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