VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit

Hello beauties :)) :))
Today I am going to review the “VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit” (the salon series) for you people. I’ve fair-wheatish, oily-combination skin and get very easily tanned. Last year I was searching for some detan products in big bazaar and the SA started telling me about this home facial kit from VLCC and how they are getting very good reviews. I noticed the tag “for professional use only”, but then it’s very easy for anybody to follow the simple directions and do the facial at home only. So finally after much confusion I got this.

vlcc anti tan facial kit

Over to the review
Price: 325.00
Net content: 1.VLCC Oat Meal Scrub (5 sachets x 10g each) – Face Scrub
2. VLCC Melawhite Gel (5 sachets x 10g each) – Detan Gel
3. VLCC Melawhite Powder (5 sachets x 10g each) – Detan Powder
4. VLCC Pista (5 sachets x 10g each) – Hydrating Facial Massage Cream
5. VLCC Melawhite Pack (5 sachets x 10g each)- Detan Pack
And there is also this instruction manual with the direction for use, like after scrub you have to follow it with the detan gel – detan powder – massage Cream and lastly the detan Pack. Don’t have it with me now :chewnails: . But it’s already been more than a year so I guess that is fine :smug:
Expiry: use before 24 months from date of manufacture.
I know what you are thinking! Yes, all of that only for 325 INR. :woot: :woot: :tongue:

What VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit claims

This specially prepared VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit is based on age old Ayurvedic recipes which have been developed for specific treatment by using latest scientific production techniques.
Coming down to the individual products now.

1. VLCC Oat Meal Scrub(with oat meal & olive oil): This powder based preparation of natural scrub particles of oatmeal, helps in exfoliating dead epithelial cells, blackheads and white patches. The goodness of olive oil moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated.



2. VLCC Melawhite Gel (Detan Gel with cucumber & seaweed extracts): ok now. This is confusing. :waiting: I never noticed this earlier. Let me explain. All the sachets have directions, ingredients and few lines about how it works!!! But then in the picture below u can see cucumber and seaweed extracts and in the back it’s written “This exclusive pack with clove and long pepper extracts controls the excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. It leaves the skin revitalized, fresh and shine free.” :stars: :stars: :stars:



So what I did was, goggled the Ingredients and to my surprise I couldn’t find sea weed or even clove (I could see cucumber though!) ?:). I don’t even have another sachet of gel left for checking. May be they somehow printed the wrong thing. :spank: :spank: :spank: after reading the direction I am sure the write up is not for the gel. :scream: :pan: I mean who uses a gel as a pack!!!! :hunterwali: And in that direction manual it was very clearly mentioned that you have to massage it with your fingers for 5-8 minutes & then wash off with water.

3. VLCC Melawhite Powder (with pomegranate and almond cake powder): Again the same mistake here. :pissedoff:



4. VLCC Pista Hydrating Facial Massage Cream (with pista & Rose petal extracts): This unique formulation enriched with pista and rose petal extract gives cellular protection and hydration to the skin. This makes the skin softer, visibly radiant and glowing.



5. VLCC Melawhite Detan Pack (with winterchery & aloevera extract): This pack contains pineapple and turmeric which, brightens, lightens & evens out dull, patchy & damaged skin. It also helps lighten tanned skin. (That’s what they claim!!!) :stars:


I googled and found sunflower, ashwagandha and almond extracts but where is pineapple, and turmeric. Seriously VLCC should give equal importance & check the correct packaging and the write-ups behind their products. :hrmph:


My Experience with VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

I have this kit with me for quite some time now. So I can safely say it’s a good detan kit to have. Whenever I’ve had a deep tan, I’ve noticed significant improvement in my skin tone with its regular use. Since last year I must have used it at least 15-20 times and I still have sachets left from each. So you can easily guess the quantity. (And the pack says “for 5 facials”. :specs: I can guarantee you there is nobody on this earth who can use up the contents of a single sachet in a single application, unless he/she is going for the whole body detan process.) :vampire: :vampire:

Pros of VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit

1. When used regularly (by that I mean every week!!!)It does help remove the tan and evens out the complexion.
2. Smells good (all the products), may be a little too strong for some people, but still it’s nice.
3. Lasts a life time. So value for money is good.
4. Works well even if you use the products separately.
5. All natural, if they actually have what’s written in the ingredient list.

Cons of VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit

1. The detan pack inside the sachet tend to dry out even when kept inside the fridge.
2. I find it really tedious. There are 5 products and it takes so much time to do everything properly (may be because it’s a salon kit). So generally I skip the detan powder and massage cream part.
3. Packaging is real bad. They can pack them in small containers like those biotique dabbas. Storing the thing properly is a headache. The powders tend to gather moisture and the pack n gel tend to dry out if kept in the open.
4. The ambiguity in the ingredient list!!!! (Just because it’s “for professional use” and chances of people actually getting to know the contents inside doesn’t mean they should write whatever they want :nonono: :nonono: :smug: )
My rating 3.5 out of 5
The final verdict

Good for those who have significant tan. I’ve been using this since ages and I am really bored now (waiting for it to get over now). I’ll prefer some detan gel and pack separately than this whole kit thing.

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37 thoughts on “VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

  1. Nice review :thumbsup: , am really shocked seeing the printing error by a company like VLCC, this is how they fool people, they should have been a bit careful in fooling people though :tongue:

  2. gr8 review jyo…. it works, thts gud but yeah opening n managing packets is a mess 😐 .. i too prefer using the stuff in dabbas.. i get tht facial kits only.. O:) :haanji:
    u cud also store the leftovr stuff in small cans to avoid drying or spilling of the stuff :waytogo:

  3. Hey…nice one…will this work on feet too?

    My face tan is controllable, but my feet turn almost black after a while in the sun (inspite of umpteen applications of sunscreen) 🙁 and numerous changes in footwear :d

    1. Same here. What finally worked on me was Lotus DeTan pack.
      And ‘Lacto Tan’ by Nature’s Essence gave dramatic results..so dramatic that I stopped using it out of fear. :chewnails :chewnails

      1. I would love to try “Lacto Tan” – especially for my feet.
        What do you actually mean by dramatic? I hope there were no side effects 😐

          1. @pooja: it actually worked kya??? lacto tan ?:) do uska review na…..wud like to try n see the dramatic results for me :preen:
            @vaishnavi: yup it’ll work on ur feet too.provided you have so much time :stars: and plz do let me know how tht lacto tan thing works for u :toothygrin: :))

    1. hey neha. 🙂 u can try these for sure. i mean its reasonably priced and lasts u a lifetime. so its gud to hv thm wid u. They r really handy when u r in d mood to pamper urself :manicure: :makeup:

  4. Good review…
    I dont think I would have the patience to use all the 5 sachets every time. I would prefer something which is easier to apply and store :specs:

    1. :thanks: Dee. hehe. most of the time i feel the same. :zombiekiller: but once in a blue moon i remember it’s facial kit and then i feel so happy to have this. :toothygrin: :tongue:

  5. I was out whole day today and i’m tanned badly :(( I hate delhi ka weather, it is supposed to be MONSOON :reallypissed:

    Thanks for the review!! 🙂

    1. well first of all, It hardly rains during monsoon in delhi!! :waaa: and sun is always shining so so bright!! :reallypissed:

      I tan more in monsoon than in summers 😯 I do surveys during summers(colg ka kaam) and I’m WHOLE day under sun but never tanned so bad like i’m getting tanned these days :yikes:

      today I’m super duper tanned 😥

      1. hey Rati n Gargi. i cn understand. i hv spent 3 yrs in delhi and seriously…u get so badly tanned there. :hunterwali: i really love delhi bt hate the extream weather….too cold….too hot :stars:

  6. Who did they get to write the product information on the back – a primary school kid? Besides the obvious goof ups in the ingredient list, there are so many ridiculous spelling errors. :stars: I find such kits tedious. :yuck: The main reason that I buy commercial anti-tan products is because I want a quick fix against sun’s cruelty. If I wanted to spend so much time, I’d take out 2 hours and prepare some home remedies. Nice review. :yes: I suggest you try the Lotus De-tan pack. Or even give the good ol’ besan and haldi a try.

  7. Hey Jyo…good that you pointed out the error in the packaging……seriously after such goof-ups …..its really difficult to trust that the product will work…..good review Jyo….I have used the Gold kit and it is not good as this one…………….

    1. :thanks: jomol. yeah!!! its not expected frm VLCC atleast :hunterwali: u know what… i think it works but a bit slowly. so if u use it like twice/thrice a week u can actually see the improvement. for tanning its fine. coz its for a short term but in general i dont think ppl do facial every week.let alone twice or thrice. :specs:

  8. me tho forever tanned rati…………i get instant tans :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: even if i spend two minutes under the sun

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