VLCC Diamond Facial Kit Review

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I am seriously getting benefits from all your reviews and haul posts, am better able to choose products and make wise decision while shopping these days. IMBB has introduced me to several new makeup brands, of which I was never aware of. :thanks: :pompom: :balle:

This time I am reviewing VLCC Diamond Facial Kit from Salon Premium Range. I have used Gold Facial kit from Nature’s Essence, but after seeing Shahnaz Husain Diamond Facial kit, I really wanted to buy that but my budget did not allow me to. :(( I spotted this kit on the shelf, when I was shopping. After seeing the word Diamond Facial Kit, I just could not stop myself and bought it despite my tight budget. 😀 :tongue:
vlcc diamond facial kit
Price– Rs 195
Diamond Facial Kit – Reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates skin, leaving it Youthful. The VLCC Diamond Facial purifies, brightens and polishes skin. Diamond Bhasma present in the facial detoxifies and helps build skin immunity to fight against pollution, while leaving it youthful and glowing.

Step 1: VLCC Diamond Scrub

vlcc diamond scrub
Benefits of Diamond for providing beauty is well known in Ayurveda. This Diamond Scrub is designed to offer deep exfoliation of dead cell, embedded dirt and grime from skin. Diamond Bhasma present in the scrub detoxifies the skin and improves blood circulation, while Jojoba Oil provides long lasting moisturisation that makes skin soft and supple.

Clean the face with cleansing milk. (for best result use VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk). Take appropriate amount of VLCC Diamond scrub and apply all over the face. Scrub gently with circular movements for at least 5-7 minutes. Wipe off with damp cotton.

Key Ingredients
Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Di-isostearyl Malate, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Diamond Oxide (Diamond Bhasma).

Step 2: VLCC Diamond Detox Lotion

vlcc diamond detox lotion
Diamond Lotion is useful to refresh, rejuvenate and detoxify skin. It enhances skin’s natural defense mechanism while keeping it healthy. This lotion is very light and gets absorbed quickly and forms a protective film over the skin.

As the second step of “VLCC Diamond Facial” take 4 ml of Diamond Detox Lotion and apply all over the face & neck. Preferably induce it with ultrasound or massage gently with fingertips till it gets absorbed.

Key Ingredients
Zinc Oxide, Olive Oil, Magnesium Sulfate, Olive Leaf Extract, Bisabolol Extract, Rape Seed Extract, Diamond Oxide (Diamond Bhasma).

Step 3: VLCC Diamond Massage Gel

vlcc diamond massage gel
This Massage gel enriched with Diamond Bhasma & Aloevera helps the skin to fight against premature ageing due to pollution. It restores skin elasticity and revitalizes the complexion by providing intense moisturisation and nourishment.

As the third step of “VLCC Diamond Facial”, take an appropriate amount of the gel on your finger tips and apply all over the face and neck. Massage with light circular upward movement for 20 minutes. Wipe off with damp cotton.

Key Ingredients
Glycerin, Vitamin E, Liquorice Extract, Aloevera Extract, Diamond Oxide (Diamond Bhasma).

Step 4: VLCC Diamond Wash-off Mask

vlcc diamond wash-off mask
One of the proven benefits of using Diamond on the skin is that it has detoxifying properties. Diamond Bhasma present in the mask deeply cleans the skin and reveals its original youthful glow. This mask moisturizes, and nourishes skin leaving it healthy and even toned.

As the final step of “VLCC Diamond Facial” take this Diamond Wash-Off Mask and apply all over the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Keep it on for 20 minutes. Wipe clean with wet cotton pads. Complete the facial by applying the balance 1 ml of Diamond Lotion on face & neck.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin E, Orange Peel Extract, Diamond Oxide (Diamond Bhasma), Glycerin, Silicon Blend, Pullulan.

Each Kit Contains:
6 VLCC Diamond Facial Master Sachets.
VLCC Diamond Scrub 5 g x 1
VLCC Diamond Detox Lotion 5.35 gm x 1
VLCC Diamond Massage Gel 10 g x 1
VLCC Diamond Wash-off Mask 10 g x 1
VLCC Insta Glow Bleach 25.7 g

My Experience

My overall experience was good, not outstanding I would say. The first sachet of the kit is what I did not like much. It was damn oily, it did not go even after repeated cleansing. :spank: :pan: This kit, is not for those with oily skin. But after using the rest of the sachets, my skin texture improved a lot and it was well toned and fresh. I loved its tightening effect on my skin. But the effect, doesn’t stay after two days. 🙁 :waaa: The silver sparkles which they call Diamond bhasma were sticking all over my face, which looked as if I have applied a shimmer. Each of the sachets can be used twice but there is issue of contamination. I am planning to buy Nature’s Essence Diamond Facial kit soon.

Pros of VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

-First of all price at Rs195 is very reasonable for a Diamond Facial kit from VLCC Salon premium range.
-You get enough content which would last for two facial sessions.
-It contains Diamond Bhasma which has detoxifying properties and gives youthful appearance.
-Did not break me out even once.
-Improves skin texture to a great extent. :preen:
-My skin was even toned. :makeup:
-Extremely good for sagging and matured skin.
-Not suitable for oily skin.
-I got VLCC Oxy Bleach worth Rs 60 absolutely free with this kit. :yahoo:
-Fragrance is mild, not that strong.

Cons of VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

-The Diamond scrub is extremely oily, I have never used anything this oily on my face till date. :shocked:
-I had expected it to do wonders, but I think I expected more than I should have.
-I don’t much like the silver sparkles or Diamond Bhasma on my skin, looks unnatural on my face.
-Its effect would last for maximum two days. After that Jaise ka taisa :yelo:

Rating: 3/ 5
Will I repurchase it? :nonono: :nono: No, I won’t as there are better options available than this.

Thank you very much Sweeties, take care all of you!! :)) :balle: :pompom: :balle:

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72 thoughts on “VLCC Diamond Facial Kit Review

  1. nice and detailed review tapaswini… 😉 :lol2: i was looking out for one kit like this, gold or diamond facial one…howz natures essence??

  2. The SA in H & G was forcing me to buy tis thank god I didnt succumb :nono: :nono: :mirror: :mirror: Thanks for the review tapaswini :thanks:

  3. :pompom: :pompom: nice review tapaswini..but a point i wud like to make – i get regular VLCC glow facial frm BP mear my place..but whrever i go be it my own locality, GK, green park etc..d price of des facilas r not less den 800-1000 rs..my question is whn des kit cum only in d range of 200-300..why do dey charge a bomb :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: does this happn wid oders also kya :headbang:

      1. Yaaaaaa it happens that way dear, for e.g when you do hair spa at salon say by loreal , they charge above 1000, but if you buy spa cream, you can use 8-10 times at Rs 625 and bit more for the serum, its the same for facials too.

  4. Thank God…I didn’t get this one Tapaswini…..I saw the gold kit and bought it….the mini one…I will try to review it…..you saved my money on the diamond one though :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  5. I have the fruit kit….and I like it a lot. Its good for oily skin.
    I also get carried away with gold and diamond. But for oily skinned girls like me…I guess fruit detox is the best facial. I will review the fruit one now. :))
    Nice review!! :yes: :yes:

    1. Fruit one is for oily skin kya??? Thank god I didnt buy the one SA showed me, the fruit thing fascinates me a lot, my skin is normal to dry can I use it?????? ?:)

      1. Like it is more clarifying because of the vitamins and fruit acids. And with personal experience its perfect for oily skin. I don’t know if it would make dry skin more drier. But it does reduce oiliness. So depends how dry is your skin!! 🙂

  6. not suitable for oily skin, matlab would be good for my dry skin. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Bt tapaswini it’s kinda hard for me to digest abt all these diamond glow facials.. I mean if there was real diamond would they sell it so cheap? :methinks:

    1. Its not diamond, its diamond bhasma, sorry Rati couldn’t post the pic,but in the kit pack,there is a certificate of purity conferred by UPA pharma.

  7. Very detailed and good review Tapaswini! thanx for the post..wil never go 4 it :yuck: ! my skin is vry oily……i prefer my Oriflame kit better and hope to continue with it only :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. @Tapaswini: Me too haven’t found an oriflame rep till now -and you know what-I am a representative myself-who is too lazy to go all the way to Rabindra Sadan to pick up my own stuff 😀 😀 😀 ..I know one AVON lady who stays at Tollygaunge 🙂

        1. :lol2: :lol2: Yeah I have read your post where you had gone to buy products but you returned back being a reprsentative !! 😀

  8. Nice detailed review Tapaswini-where from did u buy it?? and did u do the facial by urself or at some salon?? I saw the Shahnaz Gold kit at Modern Museum couple of days back-man it was so expensive!! and even the reviews are mixed-so dint get it..nice U shared ur experiences with this one :)) :love: :love: :pompom: :pompom:

    1. I got this one from a store near Adi mohini mohan shop, college street, If you see the Shahnaz diamond kit, you will be totally behosh !! :stars: Today I will go to Modern museum near 4 , will buy lotus herbals moist petals lipstick, there is buy one get one offer na, couldnt resist my self. 😀

      1. ADI MOHINI MOHAN………….went back to my M.A. dayzzzz :jog: days were so much fun! :hihi: ……….used to wait for hours on the opposite side for my bus after CU classes got over 😥 😕

  9. me also working on one facial kit’s review :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: its going to br worth the read, i promise ! :yuck:

      1. some bloody magic something .. i wanna take that kit and stuff it into that lady’s mouth who was non stop blaberring about its various good effects.

        1. Is it Magique????? I have used their under eye gel, its so harsh, it feels like applying chilly powder into eyes !!

  10. Nice review Tapaswini..My mum had picked up this kit- it had 6 sets of the 4 packets for 6 facials and it was for Rs 1500 ard. I tried one of them and did not find it that useful…the scrub was so waxy..i had to use so much lathering face wash to remove it from my face! Didn’t do anything great for my skin but did wonders for my mum’s skin. I think its meant for mature skin and works best on it.

  11. This costly only 195?? :shocked: :shocked: this is much cheaper compared to parlour rates :jiggy2: :jiggy2:

    1. Thanks dear, seeing your lip colours from lotu and got one free with the other, I bought Lilac delight and rasberry punch

  12. Tapaswini i’ve never tried any facial. :nababana: :nababana: .
    but i’ve got one Nature’s wala free mein, :balle: & it is still lying wasted at my home.. :bash: :dumb:

  13. I purchased this kit and did the facial at home twice..both the times there were red bumps all over my face after doing this facial :((….thank god they disappeared in a day…I would like to mention that my skin is super dry bt very smooth and shiny 🙂 toothygrin 😀

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