VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

I was looking for a nice facial kit suitable for combination/oily skin. I have a function to attend and wanted to try doing facial at home as recently I bought a face massager.  I wanted something economical and less in quantity as I don’t get facial done frequently and wanted to try first to make sure it suits my skin. So, I did a little market survey and got a nice offer on VLCC Facial Kit.  I have used VLCC products before, so I purchased the kit.

4 sachet of kit

1.  First, I washed my face with Garnier Pure Face Wash and then, I applied the pearl lotion.  I massaged it using the massager for 5-6 minutes and then patted my face with water as I felt it was a little oily. The consistency of the lotion is comparable to that of the “Dove Hair Conditioner” 😉 😉

price and sachet info


2.  Then, I took very little quantity of the Pearl Powder in a bowl and mixed it with rose water (skipped the milk as I have combination/oily skin). I made a runny liquid by mixing powder and rose water.  When I applied it on my face, it stung very badly. My face felt a burning sensation, but was bearable. :spank: :shutmouth: After 3-4 minutes, I massaged my face with wet finger tips for 2-3 minutes and wiped it off with wet cotton.  I was afraid that my face will turn red :devil: :yikes:, but all was well :yahoo: :dance: :makeup:.  There was no redness/no reaction, it was all good and nice. :yes: I felt my skin had tightened up. :jalwa:

side pic

3.  Then, I applied the cream. It was quite relaxing and soothing for the skin. It had a cooling kind of effect :puchhi: :clap:


4. Finally, came the turn of the face pack. Till this moment, I was in dilemma if this facial kit was really for oily skin people or not as the pack was also creamy in consistency. I applied the pack and after 15 minutes, it dried nicely.  So, I took it off using wet cotton. (NOTE: The pack contains turmeric. When I washed my fingers after applying the pack, it left a yellowish color on one of my fingers, but don’t worry, it doesn’t do that on the face).  The pack washes away very easily and doesn’t make you skin look yellowish. It is worth mentioning as I just had the second panic attack when I saw my yellow finger!!!!


instructions 2

Now, I had a nice, totally smooth, soft, properly hydrated and fresh-looking skin. I have a oily T zone and a few dry, tiny patches here and there on my face and now it all looked equally toned up. I’m quite happy with the results as it improved the texture of my skin a lot, but won’t say it gave any instant glow. It is possible that since I have done a facial after such a long time, so it just kind of fixed a few concerns in the first go. My skin is not that tanned, so can’t say about its tan-removing abilities. Also, the fragrance/scent of the facial products is very floral type, makes me remind of spring season and makes me feel very light.


The box has all the instructions for how to use it and contains the complete ingredients list for each of the sachet.


Rs. 175 + offer of “pay for 1 – get 2.”

claim of the pack

pearl face pack

Pros of VLCC Pearl Facial Kit:

  • Lives up to the claim of rejuvenating dull and sluggish skin. As it tightened up my skin quite nicely, I could feel it on my face.
  • The sachets are meant to be used for one facial, but I guess I would be able to do two facials easily and might have the probability of doing a third facial with this pack as well.
  • I has been 4 hours now and my skin is still tightened up and I’m having a very nice cooling effect on my skin (never felt it before, so I am sure its because of the pack). So, now I’m waiting for summers, so that I can try it again to get this cooling effect 😉
  • I got two facial kits at the price of one+15% off (I know “off” not a big deal, but still countable).
  • Removes the oiliness properly. So, the skin is neither too dry nor oily, just perfect.
  • Price is really affordable.
  • As mentioned, it has natural ingredients. :yahoo:

Cons of VLCC Pearl Facial Kit:

  • I don’t think it lived up to the claim of instant glow.
  • Won’t be a good kit for the DRY SKIN, but if you use milk instead of rose water, it may do you good. Rest for normal+combination/oily skin type, feel free to try and test it.
  • Sachets need to be taken care of once opened as they don’t get used up in one facial (I sealed it by applying cello tape on the openings, hope that will be good enough).
  • May be the availability along with this offer.

Will I Recommend VLCC Pearl Facial Kit?

In summers, give it a try. The cooling effect may make you feel good and give you a relief from the heat. I will first finish this kit and then according to the results, I may consider repurchasing it.

IMBB Rating:

4/5. I deducted one point as I couldn’t see the instant glow.  It has good quantity and quality.

Just want to say thanks to all IMBB writers as you have educated me a lot and your reviews helped me do smart shopping :love: :love: :love:

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29 thoughts on “VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

  1. Nice review amita :puchhi: i have used it before and experienced the same as you have written and even me too used the cello tape after use since it’s gonna last till your third facial :makeup:

  2. wowww I have never got a facial done at parlour O:)
    I never believed that it would any miracles except for the relaxing massage
    Now after reading this I think with a massager and such kits one can get the same effect

    Thanks for the detailed review 🙂

  3. i also like facial kits and doing at home..since you can try a lot of different kits…but i prefer tubes to sachets..nice detailed pics.. :yes:

  4. Hey..Great review!!! this is a great product for the price..I have tried a few others too …VLCC kesingle packs also have offers on them! free bleach and stuff! . quite good!!!!! 🙂 🙂
    Hehe I do the same thing cellotape it! I used to think m the only one! 🙂
    :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. yep it surely will…mine is more of a combination skin but it worked wonderfully :teddy: …just remember to use rose water instead of milk

    1. i bought one online…it’s a indian made…kolvin…NOT A GOOD ONE. won’t recommended it to even my enemies. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: it’s very noisy and bad quality wise !!!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  5. hey friends…i’m back with an update especially for the oily skin people…just after the 2nd use i feel like my skin is totally oil free like a normal skin :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :love: :love:

  6. *puchhi* I have used so many things but every time I got disappointed,but wheni used vlcc pearl fairness facial kit….. i can’t explain how much happy i was… *clap* *happydance* . I look fairer than ever before,i will suggest all of you to take the facial after one week,you will get ur required results, love for all

  7. i recently shifted to delhi from pune. n today i went to a parlor fr facial.. she robbed me completely.. and had no effects on my face. she dint evn cleaned up my blackheads.. so i thought of doing facial at home.. was looking fr a review.. n i gt this one. sounds inbtresting.. will try.. can anyone tel me have u tried jovees or shehnaz hussain facial kit? which one is good fr combination and sensitive skin?

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