Yes To Blue Berries Facial Cleanser Review

Yes To Blue Berries Facial Cleanser Review

Heylo All,

Today’s review is about a cleanser from the herbal brand named Yes To. I had heard a lot about Yes To brand and got to try out a few products from them. So far, so very good. 🙂 I would be reviewing a few more products from the same brand in the coming days.


This cleanser that I am going to review today is a very nice product and I really like it.  Its a mild face wash made up of 95% natural products. I am not sure what they mean by the rest of the 5% but since I am using 2-3 products from this range and all seem to have worked for me so far, I think I can vouch for its quality for a while.

Product Description:

Yes to Blueberries™ formulations naturally blend anti-oxidant rich fruits with special ingredients to help fight the signs off aging. The collection features products that help improve skin firmness, protect skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and nourish age-damaged skin. use the entire collection for a recipe of youth-enhancing goodness!

  • 95% Natural Products.
  • Free of Petroleum and SLS.
  • Paraben-Free, Naturally!
  • Cruelty Free.

Facial Cleanser 2


Approximately $10



My Take on Yes To Blue Berries Facial Cleanser:

It is indeed one of the mildest cleansers I have used thus far. The fact that it claims it is 95% natural and is free of harmful chemicals had me already sold. I can not testify its claim of delaying ageing and firming skin texture as I hardly buy a product keeping these in mind and also I think I have a tight skin as of now. So, not sure about the firmness thing.

Yes to

I have been using it for the last 20 days or so and it works fine. It has smoothened my skin and I find my skin fresh after using it. The best part is that it does not dry my skin at all. Not even a bit. The second best part is it smells of fresh coconut 😛 why coconut all of a sudden when it talks about blueberries, you may ask. I wouldn’t know is my answer. 🙂

I think since the ingredient list mentions using coconut oil, which is why it strongly smells of coconut, which is a big plus for me. The smell is fresh I can tell you that. People who use coconut at home may agree with me that real coconut smells very differently from the Parachute coconut oil or other readymade coconut products.

This cleanser smells like real coconut mixed with a bit of lemon. Honestly there is no blueberry smell anywhere 😛

The packaging is ordinary. It comes in a tube and is easy to be used. The cleanser’s consistency, as you can see in the pic below, is like of a milk cleanser that is used for removing makeup, but this is where the problem is.

Since the cleanser is not like other face washes which are mostly like gels, it does not lather much. While I don’t take it against the product and in fact I am glad to note that since it does not lather, this means it does not contain SLS and other foaming agents, some people might doubt its cleansing properties.

I live in Andamans which is almost absolutely pollution free area, so I anyway do not accumulate much dust on my face, so this works just fine,but maybe when I move to Delhi or anywhere outside Andamans, I may also feel it does not clean properly.

I use in this weather which is free of dust and dirt and I feel it does the job neatly. When you take it in palm and rub it on face, it works like how a milk cleanser would be on face, but then it does not leave that something-is-there-on-my-face kind of feeling. It cleans thoroughly.

So, as of now I can call it a bliss. 🙂

Recommendation – Go for it if you need a mild cleanser!

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14 thoughts on “Yes To Blue Berries Facial Cleanser Review

  1. Wow.. am tempted to try it out nw.. *drool* well explained review dear.. *clap* need to rush store tomorrow.. *jogging*

  2. Hey Surabhi how are you? 😀
    I have heard of this brand earlier… but sad that we don’t get such genuine natural products here *cry* I would love to try this 🙂

      1. How are you Surabhi? 😀
        I have heard and read of Yes to before and I really wish to try it! Wish we could get it here *cry*

  3. I like yes to brand but not all of there products are good, the good thing is they are natural and harmless …

  4. oh i thought the brand name was ‘ yes to carrots’ 😛 Is it available in India? Sounds really good. would love to give it a try! 🙂

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