Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink Review

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink Review

As promised in my previous review, I bring to you another pink from Bobbi Brown. This is the last Bobbi Brown lipstick in my collection – and cliched though it may sound, its definitely not the least!


When I pick up more (see how I use the word “when” and not “if”) I will surely share it with you. There are still 2 more lipsticks from this collection on my wishlist and then I have to try Bobbi’s mattes because Rati has been raving about them so much.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink 2

I was searching for this pastel creamy baby pink kind of colour (which I still am – and any suggestions to that effect are welcome) and came across Bobbi’s Mod Pink.  Okay, I will be honest (since I doubt my hubby is reading this article) – I knew this was no baby pink – but a bright pink – and I had been thinking about picking up a more wearable bright pink from MAC – like Chatterbox or Speak Louder or Lustering – but was not happy with the textures offered – I thought I would give this a try because I know I like Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color lipstick texture – lightweight, smooth, insanely pigmented, long wearing and with SPF 12.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink 3

So, was the colour worth it? Read on, to find out!

Product Description:

Rich Lip Color – In Bobbi’s own words – “I love this formula because it combines color-saturated coverage with an uber lightweight texture.”  Bright, get-noticed colour. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi’s latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it’s creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look.  Featured in Real Simple magazine’s “5 Worth-it-splurges” (March 2012) and the Today Show for its long-lasting, non-drying formula as well as wide range of shades that complement all skin tones.

These were launched in 12 colours but are now available in 21 colours.


$25.00 for 3.8 gm.  I bought it online for about INR 1500

To put some perspective to the product for the MAC lovers:

A normal MAC lipstick is INR 990 for 3 gm.

And MAC Mineralize lipstick, priced at INR 1650 is 3.6 gm.


The packaging is classic black, like a Chanel lipstick – black, square tube. However, the packaging here is more matte while Chanel packaging is glossy black. It comes packaged in a cardboard box.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink 4

My biggest grouse with the packaging is the lack of colour indicator except the name written at the bottom of the lipstick.  So, I need to store them in the box itself because that way the name stays displayed on top.

The packaging is sturdy and closes with a resounding click; however, I do feel wish the packaging of the high end brands pushed the envelope a little and made life easier for the consumer by putting some colour indicator somehow instead of hiding behind black casings. I know a couple of brands who have effectively experimented with this and quite successfully too – Estee Lauder, YSL!

My Take on Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink:

Mod Pink, as per the website, is “a bright pink.” It is definitely a bright happy pink – not fuchsia, not raspberry, not neonish, just bright soft pink! I love Bobbi’s pinks, they are so pretty, so wearable and the best part is that the quality of the product does not vary between shades. Yes, some of the lighter shades stain lesser and are a little lesser long-lasting than say her Red (Old Hollywood), but there is no marked difference in texture, feel, application or longevity of the lipstick.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink 5

The lipstick just glides on giving opaque pigmentation – with no tug or pull. It applied like a gel – extremely lightweight – so much so that you forget you are wearing it. It goes on glossy but about half an hour, it settles into a semi-matte finish – however, it does not sink into the fine lines on my lips. It is not really hydrating but neither does it dry my lips. There is no feeling of tightening of lips post application or even later.



It lasted for about 5-6 hours (with one snack in between) and left a very faint pink stain.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink:

  • Beautiful colour – easily wearable, extremely flattering.
  • Excellent pigmentation.
  • Would suit most skin tones – from light spectrum to dark.
  • Extremely lightweight – you forget that you have it on!
  • Instantly brightens up the face.
  • Easy application.
  • Sleek and sturdy packaging.
  • Does not feather.
  • Despite its semi-matte finish – does not accentuate the fine lines of my lips.
  • Did not dry out my lips.
  • Has SPF 12.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink 10

Cons of Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Mod Pink:

  • The price might be a con but the quality and quantity definitely make up for it.
  • There is no discernible smell or taste.

Grande Finale:

IMBB Rating:


Like I have said before, this is my absolute favorite lipstick formula – which makes me keep going back and buying more from this range.  As far as the colour is concerned, I do not think it is unique – meaning, it is easily dupe-able. However, paired with the texture, its fairly unbeatable! Anyone looking for a nice bright pink or bubblegum pink would love this happy shade, it has a quick “pick me up” quality about it.

So, what is your sure shot pick me up? A hot pink lipstick? A glass of wine? A new Gucci handbag (Sorry, couldn’t resist it Rati!! *happydance* )? Or a new pair of stilettos?

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    1. Yes, I am liking this surprise pick of mine! *thankyou* *thankyou* Atreyee! Im glad you liked the review. Thanks for dropping in the comment – it is so heartening! *haan ji* *haan ji*

  1. i think you should open a bobbi brown store lol *happy dance* lol just kidding *hihi* this is one cutest dolly pink shade and looking really pretty on you KK *puchhi* *jai ho*

    1. rofl rofl Actually, I think Bobbi Brown should open a store in Mumbai and gift it to me!!! *hifive*

      Yes, you said it right…its dolly/Barbie pink!! And *thankyou* for your sweet words!

      1. rofl rofl Actually, I think Bobbi Brown should open a store in Mumbai and gift it to me!!!
        Yes, you said it right…its dolly/Barbie pink!! And *thankyou* for your sweet words!

    1. And I need something else apart from Bobbi Brown!! rofl rofl

      I have realized over a period of time that what suits me are Pinks, Red (with pink tinge), Violet (with pink hue), orange (pink toned), corals (pinky ones)… rofl rofl Yeah, you can say I love my pinks! I am consciously trying to explore other colours now apart from pinks *nonono* *nonono* but…eyes and hands gravitate towards pink!!! *headbang* *headbang*

    1. You do?? *nababana* *nababana* They are fairly different….not as different as say MAC Rebel from Lady Danger, but definitely different as MAC Ruby Woo from MAC Lady Danger from MAC Russian Red…if you get my drift.

      Ok…you know what, I’ll do a round up post for you with all the BB pinks I have along with hand swatches and if possible, lip swatches, ok?

      Trust me they are different and so pretty and soooooo wearable! *preen* *preen*

  2. Such a pretty pink Kulpreet. *happydance* Loved all the shades of Bobby Brown you have. *haan ji* . Too bad they’re a wee bit outside my budget, but someday…hopefully *specs*

    1. *thankyou* Sushmita! Im sure you will pick your first BB lippy soon and hopefully, my reviews would have helped you in finding your “mere wala pink”! DO try them…it could be a special occasion buy like a Birthday!

  3. i lovvveeeee pinks.. n this looks gorgeous kulpreet… *woot* which sight did u get it from.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. Awwww….Shami! *scared* *scared* Im afraid Im bad with dupes coz I do not have a very big collection to be able to tell you that “this” lippy from “that” brand is similar. *headbang*

      I can tell you that one of these MACs should be similar – Speak Louder, Lickable, Lustering or Chatterbox.

      NEHA!!! Pls help here….!!!!

    2. Sorry Shami, My comment kind of disappeared. I think MAC Speak Louder or Lustering might be similar… Im afraid I dont have a big collection so cant really state with certainity if X lipstick form Y brand would be a dupe! Sorry Gurrl!

  4. KK, u r alluring me to buy BB lippie….u have such nyc pink collection *drool* ….i love all of them….will buy one soon and wud refer to this post for selecting mera wala pink… *happy dance*

    1. Im glad you liked the review Anuradha! And I do hope you find your “mera wala pink”! It can make all the difference in your day!! *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  5. *clap* nice reviews about bb lipsticks! Especially this range. I’d like to ask, of all the bobbi brown rich lip colour lipsticks, which is one unique? I have Cosmic raspberry already, we are on the Same boat on why we love these lippies. When I was reading about heather pink and you mentioned about mac mehr, unfortunately, just bought a mac mehr. So it’s Impossible for to again to buy another bobbi brown heather pink. .. Now, I’m choosing between mod pink, guava and sweet nectar… Which is unique?

    And by the way, I love bobbi brown lippies more than MAC.. Would you agree? Lol
    Thanks for you reply! Sooonnnn.. Lol

    More power!

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