Botanical Aromatherapy Face Mask Geranium Review

On my casual visit to a beauty shop I saw this range of skin care products from Beaute Boutique. The Brand was not familiar to me so I decided to seek the help of one SA, who explained to me about the whole range and the concept. Beaute Boutique is a chain of super specialty stores providing exceptional beauty care products and value added services under one roof. The brands available at Beaute Boutique are carefully selected from reputed and trusted perfumery and cosmetics houses around the world. The product selection comprises fragrances, bath luxuries, hair care, and skin care and color cosmetics. With rapid expansion plans Beaute Boutique stands at 84 outlets nationwide in retail models of Shop-In-Shop (SIS), Stand Alone & Franchisee formats. Beaute Boutique is spread across 8 cities in India – Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin and Trivandrum. Beaute Boutique is part of a dynamic group of companies that specializes in the businesses of perfumes, cosmetics and beauty care products and introduced the famous British brand Yardley of London to India in 1991. (Beaute Boutique is a division of Aromatan Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.) botanical aromatherapy mask The products range from body butter, body lotions, face masks, bath products, makeup, hair care items, perfumes etc. SA showed me some body butters and all of them had decent smell and quite moisturizing when I tried on hand. I wanted to go for a face mask though and she suggested the Botanical Aromatherapy Mask which is one of their best selling face masks with Geranium as the major ingredient.


The Botanical Aromatherapy Mask Geranium for healthy and glowing skin is made under the technical assistance of Majestic Luxury-London with the best herbal ingredients the world has to offer. The Geranium mask boosts blood circulation, nourishes and invigorates the skin. The natural properties of the flower stimulate a natural cleansing action, regulate the production of sebum by the skin and improve skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types. Geranium is an essential oil extracted from Pelargonium graveolens or P. odorantissimum plant and has a watery viscosity. Geranium oil has antibiotic, antiseptic, astringent, tonic and anti-infectious properties. This oil improves the blood circulation, energizes the skin, balances the sebum production and above all improves the skin’s elasticity and provides a clear and youthful skin. It also makes uniform distribution of melanin under the skin and thus helps to ward off the scars and spots. Geranium oil encourages the recycling of dead tissues and promotes the cell health so as to regenerate new tissues. (googled info:)) Price: Rs 99 The face pack contains 4 pouches of 10 g of mask powder and 4 pouches of 20 ml of specially formulated rose water. botanical aromatherapy mask Directions for use: Each pouch of face mask powder must be mixed with one pouch of rose water included in this pack. Gently stir until a consistent paste is formed. This paste must be applied on face and neck and let it dry for 20-30 minutes to achieve optimal results. After the paste dries face and neck to be washed with water without soap to allow the skin to absorb the benefits of natural ingredients. My Experience: I was quite confused on seeing this face mask especially because I have never heard of the brand and no experience with any of the products from Beaute Boutique. Whatever the SA told (thankfully she was not at all pushy and so I was kind of convinced) made me inquisitive to try out the product since they claimed it herbal and geranium seemed to be a unique ingredient not so common in other face masks available now. The price was quite reasonable too, so I decided to buy it without feeling guilty. However I couldn’t find any complete list of ingredients anywhere on the face pack except for their claim that it contains geranium and other herbs. As per directions of use we have to use one pouch of powder mixed with one pouch of rose water but I found the quantity too much to be used once, in fact I felt contents of one pouch is more than enough to be used three times. There comes the issue of storing the balance powder and rose water since it is not advisable to keep the pouch open for long and we don’t use face packs everyday so storage is a real problem. I emptied the balance powder into a small container with cap and discarded the rose water!!So far I have used this face pack 2 times, weekly once and I must say this is an ok product not so good and not bad either. Thank God it never reacted on my face! It has a strong herbal smell and there is a mild tingling sensation once applied. It dries up super fast even when applied as a thick layer and I wash it off after 10-15 minutes, by the time skin start feeling stretchy. After washing off skin doesn’t feel dry and it does give a subtle glow to face. I feel this is just another face pack and nothing extra ordinary, and to know if it has any long term benefits I have to keep on using and then wait n see…Anyways I have decided to include this in my weekly Cleanse-Scrub – Face pack –Moisturizer routine and let me see if there is any visible improvement.

What I like the most in Botanical Aromatherapy Mask Geranium:

  • Presence of Geranium which is supposed to be very good for skin.
  • Skin doesn’t feel dry after using this mask.
  • Though this is an aromatherapy product which contains basically oils it dint break me out or made my skin oily. In fact Geranium is supposed to control sebum production so this could be a good choice for those with oily skin.
  • It imparts a subtle glow on face especially when you use it after scrubbing your face.
  • Most powder face packs work best when mixed with rose water and this one comes along with their own specially formulated rose water; I have not seen this kind of combo in any other brands.
  • I like the packaging – the outer pack is just average but the powder and rose water pouches are cute!! But there is a little hygiene issue which I am listing down.

What I hate the most in Botanical Aromatherapy Mask Geranium:

  • Complete list of ingredients is missing- I hate such mysteries!
  • Product is packed in separate pouches actually intended for single use and supposed to be hygienic, but I found the quantity too much in one pouch for single use which leads to either wastage of product or un-hygienic condition if we try to store the un-used powder for use later on.

Will I re-purchase: Not sure but I might try one of their body butters which claim to contain Dead Sea minerals. My Rating would be 3 out of 5

Have you used Botanical Aromatherapy Face Mask Geranium? Please rate in the box below

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      1. O yaaa 😀 😀 ….actually I use aromatherapy in my skincare regime and to destress.It helps a lot esp in removing stress

          1. I recently bought one from Fabindia.When it gets over 50% ,I ‘ll look out for this :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  1. you know I am a little fond of DIY kind of packs but my days are so busy that I am never able to use such packs. I prefer the ready made ones. Atleast when i see them on my bathroom shelf i atleast remember to use them.

    btw i used the lotus scrub today, it’s very nice. i esp liked the granules. :thanks:

    1. :happydance: :happydance: See Rati i use that scrub n follow it up with this real good results!!that scrub is kinda HG for me now!!

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  2. interesting!! but il still wait to her more abt this company before tryin… i reaaly liked the small silver pouches.. they look nice..! 🙂

  3. Sonam – Me look prettttttttttttttttttier actuallly.. :smug: :smug: :smug: 😐 😐 😐 :lying: :lying: :lying: :lying: O:) O:) O:) O:)

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  4. good luck shyna
    thanks for the review.
    hearing the brand for the first time. even me too love body butters. by the way where in trivandrum can I get these stuff? please help. I plan to go for shopping now.

    dear rads U look so cute and pretty. I never thought u would be so beautiful. i thought after seeing ur previous picture you are too fat. nice one. I hope these are all part of ur recent shoping from fab India.

    Take care rati
    canr beleive that u were too busy and could nt even take bath till 7 yesterday !!!!

    1. Hi Sumsu…not sure where in tvm exactly, am based at cochin n here i have seen their counters in few shops///probably you can check their website :))

  5. Shyna, All the best for the Job :waytogo:
    The best thing I like about this pack is they give rose water along with it, :yes: :yes:

    1. :thanks: :thanks: yeah Uzma i like it too..n usually rosewater from most brands reacts badly on my face but thankfully this one dint…

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