Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume Review

Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume Review

Hey Gorgeous Gals!

How’s the New Year treating you so far? I can’t believe we are more than two weeks into 2013 already! Right now, all I’m looking forward to is the upcoming weekend, when I’ll be in warm, warm, Florida. It’s a long weekend, we get Monday off, and I can’t wait to just sit on the beach, defrost and stare at the waves! Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on Burberry’s Brit Sheer Perfume with you (which I can’t wait to wear there!).


Perfume Background and Description:

Burberry Brit Sheer was created for the fashion house Burberry in 2007 by Emilie Coppermann, an internationally-known perfumer. Burberry Brit Sheer is one of ten fragrances offered by the fashion brand. According to Sephora, the Burberry Brit girl “embodies understated elegance and individuality. With a fresh, natural joie de vivre she has a passion for adventure and romance.”

Compared to Burberry Brit, Burberry Brit Sheer is targeted at younger consumers; something that reflects in the perfume’s pale pink packaging and sweet and playful smell. I feel this fragrance can best be described as floral (reminiscent of peonies and roses) and fruity (litchi and pineapple stand out for me).

Fragrance Notes: Top notes of sweet lychee, yuzu, pineapple leaves and mandarin. Notes of pink peony, peach blossom and nashi. And a sheer veil of white musk and blond wood.

Recommended Use: Day time; Work; Spring/Summer; Casual Evening Out.


I paid $82 (appoximately Rs. 4500) for 3.3 oz.

Burberry Perfume 1

My Experience with Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume:

My regular go-to sweet, clean perfume is Ralph Lauren’s Romance. It, however, is a little too strong for every day, casual use. Burberry Brit Sheer is the perfume I reach out for when I’m in a mood for a girly perfume, but dressed in sweats or a jeans and a t-shirt. It immediately makes me feel fresh, feminine and ready for whatever life will throw my way.

Burberry Perfume 3

I think the fragrance notes lend themselves best to spring and summertime wear. The light smell is perfect for hot days when the last thing you want is to be weighed down by an overpowering perfume. I describe the smell as “light” not because it fades quickly, but because the perfume contains a little bit of White Musk (an artificial musk), which gives it this crisp, pleasing smell.

Burberry Perfume 5

On me, this perfume lasts 5-6 hours, on my clothes , it lasts until the next laundry. I get a lot of compliments on this fragrance from random strangers, which can get weird. The best thing about this perfume is that it doesn’t overpower the senses.

Burberry 7

Just like the packaging, the fragrance too is slightly understated. It’s pleasing, yet unobtrusive to the nose. The lack of spices and musk, make this light, clean and fresh; which is exactly how I feel when I wear this.

Burberry Perfume 6

Pros of Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume:

  • Perfect fruity, floral perfume for everyday wear.
  • Smells clean, light and fresh, and doesn’t overpower the senses.
  • Long lasting on both skin and clothing.
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • For the brand and lasting power, the price is pretty fair.
  • Adorable packaging (but an absolute nuisance to photograph because of all the light it keeps reflecting!).

Burberry Perfume 1

Cons of Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume:

  • I checked the Burberry India website and they haven’t featured this on there. I’m not sure if it’s available for retail in India yet.

Bottom Line:

Get this perfume if you’re looking for a smell that’s light, sweet, clean and long lasting. If you’re a girly-girl, this is a must have in your collection! If buying online, beware of sellers that offer 3.4 oz. bottles, the brand doesn’t make them and they’re fake.

IMBB Rating:


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