Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Alcohol Free Perfume Review

jeanpaulgaultierJean Paul Gaultier summer fragrance Alcohol Free
About jean Paul Gaultier:
French fashion designer whose first collection was presented in 1976. The first perfume of the Gaultier house was launched in 1993; it was the famous Jean Paul Gaultier EDP for women, whose name was subsequently changed into Classique. Classique was followed by Le Male in 1995, and fragile in 1999. All of them were known by peculiar package and unusual composition.
Designer Jean Paul Gaultier has 53 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1993 and the newest is from 2011. Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Cresp, Annick Menardo and Aurelien Guichard.

My Take:
I got this bottle of perfume along with le male by jean Paul Gaultier. Both of them were presents. One for my dad and another for my mum from my masi. It was back in 2008. This is a 2004 launched perfume but as the tradition of not using much perfumes goes by my allergy prone mother I had to find and finish this bottle from her vanity.
I read more about jean Paul Gaultier only after discovering this perfume. The bottle is what fascinated me the most and the fact that none of the bottles come with a cap.
The very reason my masi choose to gift this bottle to my mum was because this was Alcohol free. But my mum still ended up not using it.:p


The bottle as I searched retails for 34 pounds or 62-70 dollars.
The quantity is 3.3 oz.

This one is amongst the very few alcohol free perfumes offered by a brand like Gaultier.
I would define this scent as very summer, very picnic. This is something that you would wear all the time in the summer season. It’s light, easy, breezy and fruity. I have worn this perfume a lot and it’s just a very light summer one. Something like Davidoff cool water. You do not have to dare to wear this scent. This can be worn by anyone of any age group. The bottle itself is very cute. It is easy to hold and mimic’s a female’s body. It is a very relaxed scent. You can wear it in the day as well at night. It’s not a very expressive scent. It is not something that can define you or your liking. It is just a very usual scent. Something you get to smell a lot if you were to go to a park full of flowers and fruits in summer.
It has got a hint of warmness to it and is very summer sexy. It is very ideal for those long summer days when you have to stay out of house for 8 hours plus. This perfume stays on for well over 5 hours and fades away.
It is just one of the classic scents which you can simply pick up without straining your nasal muscles much.

information jean paul gaultier summer
Pros of Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Alcohol Free Perfume:
• I like it. It is very fruity and very summer smell.
• This could easily be an HG for a lot of us.
• I particularly love the bottle and how it is shaped. The le male bottle is green in colour and is shaped like a man.
• The price is somewhere in between for perfumes. It is more on the affordable side from a brand like Gaultier.
• Since it was a present it is always a little extra cherished 😀 thank you masi for getting me so many perfumes.
• Even if its winters and I just want to feel the summer smell I spray it in air slightly and walk through it:)
• Coming from Gaultier, who is supposed to be a French couture designer id say Mr. Gaultier has done a very good job of doing perfumes too ;).

Cons Of Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Alcohol Free Perfume:
• Apart from its availability in India I have absolutely no con from this perfume. Its alcohol free. It is nothing too strong and nothing too light. Just right. If given a chance id buy more of Gaultier and experiment with them 😉

Subko bahut sara pyar
Fly girl

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  1. Hey Fly Girl! Just yesterday I ordered Le Male as a gift for my husband, whose birthday is in 3 days. 😀 How thoughtful that was to order matching perfumes for your parents. :)) Nice review, I love the bottle. I was very charmed by the bottle of Classique and how it comes in a can and not the usual box.

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