The Cambridge Diet for Weight Loss

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How was your day? I am doing good, and today, we would be talking about the Cambridge diet for weight loss. If you are a fitness freak, you might have heard about Cambridge diet for weight loss. Many health experts say that the Cambridge diet is one among the best diets that can help to lose extra fats from the body in an easy and friendly way. Unlike rest of the other diets, Cambridge diet offers one-on-one consultant support which helps in losing weight after taking into consideration your health issues, lifestyle, and other facts.

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So, let’s get started here.

What is the Cambridge diet?

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Developed by Dr. Alan in 1970s, the Cambridge diet is one of the most effective and followed diets in the UK. The popularity of this diet has spread so much that it is already a hit in Asian countries. Generally, a user can choose any one among the six diet plans which range from 415 calories to 1,500 calories, based on your current weight and your weight loss goals. One of the most important concepts of this diet is that you need to gorge completely on shakes, nutritionally dense bars, soups along with 2.5-3.5 liters of water every day. Users tend to lose weight quickly especially when they are in the first month particularly eating soups, shakes, and water.

rati beauty diet plans

How does the Cambridge diet work?

You cannot start your own Cambridge diet plan at home. It is important to take a proper consultation from a dietician who can give you the best weight loss program according to your weight loss goals. Your consultant will not only provide you with the products but s/he will give you the best kind of weight loss plan to follow. It would be boring consuming just water, shakes or soups, but the effect of this diet is beyond imagination.

Is it safe to consider the Cambridge diet?

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Yes, it is safe to consider the Cambridge diet. If you are suggested to consume 1000 calories or less in a day, then you should not consider or follow this diet after 12 weeks without break. You should make sure that you are dieting but in a healthy way. If you are dieting for long weeks without break, it may lead to dizziness, insomnia, nausea, constipation problems, headache and much more.

Why Cambridge diet?

Cambridge diet is different than other diets but can be considered as one of the best diets in the market which is specially designed after keeping your weight loss goals in the mind. You will not be consuming normal meals, but the food consumed in this diet is much healthier. It helps to boost the blood circulation and also burn the fats easily. If you are looking forward to trying the Cambridge diet, then you should certainly contact Cambridge Weight Plan consultant.

What to consume in Cambridge diet?

As mentioned earlier, Cambridge diet does not involve normal food. The backbone of the diet is consuming the branded products which come with a large portion of protein, nutrients, and carbohydrates. Cambridge diet includes consuming soups, porridge, shakes along with a high quantity of water. Users are also guided to have a bowl of chicken soup regularly. You can opt for mushroom soup if you are a vegetarian. The shake flavors are generally banana or strawberry. The porridge is of cinnamon, lemon or apple flavor. You can also have healthy bars included in the Cambridge diet which will help to keep your energy level high. You can have peanut, chocolate, orange or cranberry bars during the diet. You can also ask for the recipe from your consultant regarding the food to be consumed.

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