Camouflage Dressing Style for Heavy Hips and Thighs

Hope you all are staying beautiful. I am here with some styling suggestion for those who have heavy hips and thighs. No one has a perfect body. All of us have some problems. We can’t be perfect from top to bottom. But, we can try to present ourselves perfectly. Being girls, we always love to try different types of clothes. Today I will give styling suggestions for those who have heavy hips and thighs. Hey, come on that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Be confident. This is the most important thing. You can appear up to 5 kg thinner without breaking any sweat. All you have to do is change the way you dress.

Camouflage is the word for you:
Women, trust me you can be perfect by paying attention to this word. A perfect fit and colour can change your look. So be careful while choosing your clothes.


Camouflage Dressing with Colour

• Pick some dark shades like, black, blue, purple, brown etc. because, dark colours make a person appear smaller.
• You can even use dark colours to make specific portions of your body appear smaller.
• To camouflage your heavy hips and thighs wear a light colour top with dark pants or skirt.
• Saree is a perfect choice for your figure. If you are thinking to go out with saree, then you have nailed it. Wear some daring choli/ blouse. And hit it! you just need to pick a bright colour saree and pair it with a preferable blouse.


Being Fashionable with Colour

– wear green trousers/ pants/ denims with a blue top.
– wear a black party dress with flashy red shoes; your shoes will be the focus and not your bumps.
– for regular wear go with regular denims with a block colour shirt/ t-shirt (brown, blue, red, magenta etc). Pair it with a vibrant scarf.



Camouflage Dressing with Fitting Clothes

• To look slimmer wear clothes that fit properly; this is the basic rule.
• For your heavy hips go with pleated trouser on brighter shades such as red, green, brown, blue etc and pair them up with a voluminous top. Ankle length trousers are in so go for them.
• If you love to experiment, wear skirts. They perfect for your body type. Flared skirt, line skirt, half circle skirts. Wear them with a fitted top.
• Denims always makes people smarter. Why bunk it? wear your favourite denim with kaftan tops. Yes, these days kaftans are in. They will give you a semi casual look.
• Palazzos are actually comfortable. And they are for you grab it. Wear bright colour palazzos with fitted shirts and tops.
• When you are buying pants for yourself, go with wide legged pants. They will give you slimmer appearance.


Most important, you have to wear you confidence. We can make ourselves perfect by applying right things on us. And our dressing style helps us to create out identity. So cover up your negative points and score well. 🙂 Stay beautiful!

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