Canmake Bye Bye Oil Stick Review

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Hi guys!

I saw this product as part of ‘Pocket Rescue’ products in the Canmake counter. All of them are supposed to be stick form, very inexpensive and travel-friendly. There is also an ELF moisture stick type product, but I felt this one suits my needs better. Let’s see how this fares.


Product Description:
• Wave goodbye to shine!
• Target shiny patches and pores create silky-smooth skin in an instant! Prevents stickiness!
• Mattifying stick with SPF20・PA++


• Apply to shiny patches and pores → Silky-smooth in an instant.
• Perfect for lightning-fast touch-ups over your make-up!
• Target worrying shiny patches and pores in a flash!

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• Astonishing formulation allows you to apply it over your make-up without smudging it.
• Poweful sebum absorption
• Contains MgTubes – microtubular particles that envelop sebum and keep your skin silky-smooth. Controls shine while improving texture.
• Silky skin for hours and hours!
• Porous powder absorbs sweat and sebum!
• Superb breathability, reducing the feeling that your skin is suffocating under a film of make-up, and creating a silky-smooth texture.
• Light-scattering soft-focus effect
• With particles reminiscent of the knobbed surface of konpeito candy, soft-focus powder diffusely reflects light, making worrying pores and uneven skin texture less noticeable!


• Handy to carry around.
• The slim stick format fits easily in your make-up pouch, so it’s handy to carry around.
• You can whip it out in an instant and apply to worrying shiny patches and pores, even when you’re out and about.
•Makes your skin smooth, but not dry
•Formulated to care for your skin
•Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents, Witch-hazel, creeping saxifrage (Saxifraga stolonifera) extract.
•Mineral-oil-free, tar-based-pigment-free, alcohol-free, silicon-free

My Experience With Canmake Bye Bye Oil Stick:

Packaging: I love the packaging on this, but sometimes get I confused as to which end I have to open when I am in a hurry! The product twists out from the tube, love that. This is a stick-format product and small enough to fit into your jeans pocket. It takes up very little room in your purse. This product gets a full point from me for packaging.



Texture/Blendability: The texture on this feels non-sticky, smooth, balmy and light textured product when swirled between the fingers. I have no complaints about the texture, because it spreads out well. Generally, I feel the stick format products are much more drying than other products, but this one blends well, as it gets the heat from the skin, a little too well and quickly in fact. You might have to layer a bit more if it does not mattify enough.
On the skin, it feels like there is nothing at all, but it is still slightly balmy to the touch. You can apply the product from the tube to fingers to skin or directly from the tube. It’s really your preference.


Colour: The colour in the package looks like a very light peach shade. But it shows up slightly with a white cast on my skin. I just blend it in with my fingers and it melts with the skin beautifully.


Longetivity: I was pleasantly surprised with the lasting power of this one. It lasted all day on me, with very very light amount of breakdown on a thin strip of skin where there is a lot of movement (on my eyelids), but everywhere else it stayed put. Pretty impressive, Canmake!


How I Like To Use It: It mattifies the skin and also fills in the pores. I love to use the product for touch up. What I do is, apply it on the areas where the oil is starting to show. Then I apply a touch of powder on top to seal it in place. It does not disturb the makeup underneath at all. Another thing to note is that it has SPF 20 PA ++, which is not a lot, but I use it with a sunscreen already, so this is just an added bonus.


Quantity: I am not able to find out the quantity of the product from the packaging or the product website. If you use it only for touch-ups, it should last you a good 4-6 months, depending on your usage.

Pros of Canmake Bye Bye Oil Stick:

  • Mattifies very well.
  • Mineral-oil-free, tar-based-pigment-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free.
  • Fills in pores.
  • Very travel-friendly – great for touch-ups.
  • Awesome staying power.
  • Contains SPF 20 PA++.

Cons of Canmake Bye Bye Oil Stick:

  • You have to layer it twice or thrice to really mattify the skin.

Would I Recommend Canmake Bye Bye Oil Stick?
Absolutely! Buy it if you have oily skin. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Canmake is a great brand with low prices but still fun in packaging and shade spectrum unlike few other brands here that are to boring! Looks like a great product for oily skin…

    xx Aditi

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