Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Hello. This is my first post on IMBB and it’s about Cetaphil Skin Cleanser. I think it is important to know where the info is coming from so before you read this post, some important things- I am 21 years old. I have normal to oily skin which is prone to breakouts. Although recently this has reduced, my breakouts are now only 2-3 pimples every month or so. When I was a teen my skin looked like a battlefield. Oh the horror! I live in Mumbai and I have to take extra care to protect my skin from the Mumbai pollution and humidity, although currently I am overseas and believe me I can see the difference geography makes to the condition of my skin – Go figure :S

How I Ended up With Cetaphil Skin Cleanser
I came home to Mumbai for vacation to find my bathroom filled with bottles of Cetaphil Skin Cleanser. Seriously, I began to wonder who had nicked all the face wash from the house. Mom told me that everyone at her shoot was using this as part of their make up removal regime and that I should give it a go. Up until then I was pretty much into anti-acne face washes from Neutrogena to Garnier, I’ve been there and done that. Now the packaging to be honest is quite ugly, it looks very medical. No frills here. It really did not endear me to the product at all. However my mother is an actress, make-up advice is much revered when it comes from her and her make-up artist so I figured I had nothing to lose….

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

What Cetaphil Skin Cleanser Claims

Originally developed by dermatologists especially for sensitive skin, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a soap substitute that preserves your skin’s natural protective oils. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser softens your skin as it gently cleanses. Independent clinical tests using Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser undiluted has shown it to be one of the gentlest non-soap cleansers. Its special formulation won’t sting your eyes and can remove light make-up without clogging pores. Developed to be used with or without water, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is pH balanced and lanolin and fragrance free. Suitable for: All skin types, infants, eczema, acne, rosacea & psoriasis.

How to Use:

  • Step 1. Remove your makeup with your normal make up remover (Do not wash your face). Mom swears by Johnson’s baby oil, Personally I am all for coconut oil or Vaseline, but whatever works for you.
  • Step 2. Apply Cetaphil and wipe off with cotton or a wet wash cloth, or wash off with water. Alternately – you can use Cetaphil just like you would use your regular face wash.
Cetaphil swatch
Cetaphil swatch

What Cetaphil Skin Cleanser Does:

  • It leaves skin squeaky clean.
  • Doesn’t give you that dry, stretched feeling post washing.
  • Since it retains your skin’s ph balance, no need for toner unless it’s the astringent kind.
  • Its very gentle and great for skin with acne or sensitive skin.
  • It won’t cause your skin to break out or react.
  • People with dry skin will love this product as skin will not flake or get dry with this.
  • It also removes traces of make up, even waterproof make up! 😀
Maybelline Ultra Water Proof liner
Maybelline Ultra Water Proof liner
All out in one swipe :D
All out in one swipe 😀

What the product does not do:

  • It does not actually stop you from getting acne, nor will it control the oiliness of your skin… so no salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide to bust those zits.
  • It has a slight chemical-ish smell, so no yummy fragrance here . 🙁  Great for the skin bad for my olfactory senses.

The Verdict:

  • It’s great for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.
  • For anyone with oily skin – use at night before moisturizing and as part of your make up removal routine.
  • I love this product personally, I use it every night and more than what it does, Cetaphil is great because of what it doesn’t do. And if its good enough for a baby’s skin its good enough for mine 😀

Will I repurchase?

  • I’ve run through 3 bottles already and that’s this year alone.


  • The product is available in most chemists and pharmacies in India and it retails for approximately INR 110 for a 120 ml bottle.

Please feel free to share your experiences with this product, I would love to know how it works on different skin types etc …..

Have you used Cetaphil Skin Cleanser? Please rate in the box below.

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71 thoughts on “Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review

  1. wow jhanavi
    i so want this
    wonder where in chennai will i get it
    great that ur mom got u this great product
    have heard a lot on this

  2. Hi Janhavi,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I discovered cetaphil during my makeup classes. they used to use the cetaphil moisturizer on all the clients and especially those who used to have sensitive skin. Never tried myself but want to give it a try atleast once. 🙂

  3. call me lazy…. i use TBS showr gel for both face & body :struggle:

    i need to mvoe outta ma lazy zone and buy some face wash… :yes:

  4. Hello Rati !!! I know I’ve eaten your head alot but thank you so much for letting me do this review – and being a part of IMBB.

    Maybe I will review the moisturiser next 😛

    @ veena: Lazy ! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😉 😀
    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

  5. ahem ahem…

    rads (chakare, thene, palle, muthe,,, )i was scolding her in brackets 😐 Lazy in certain areas , eye cream i used, after getting tired of complaints 😛 remember the geek inside moi :chic:

  6. Love reading your review Janhavi, i like to see successful experiments…

    The consistency reminded me of my Kaya’s face wash for sensitive skin, even the description and all, but for 1/3 of the price :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute:

    I will definitely give this one a try thanks 🙂 :shy: :shy: :shy:
    .-= deb´s last blog ..Aint they looking great =-.

  7. this cleanser is HOLY GRAIL product indeed… i hav heard tons of ppl recommending this product … and ma cousin with serious acne problem also uses this . . her condition has improved a lot . . .
    certainly use this product people…… :-))

  8. Nice review Jahnvi :-)) :-))
    I have been looking around for cetaphil reviews from INDIA!
    Do they have something like cetaphil face wash for oily /combination skin or something like that ?? 😀
    I would like to try that too !

    And has any one tried cetaphil moisturising lotion?How’s it?
    How’s it for oily skin ? ?:-)
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  9. They actually do have a cleanser for oily skin, only thing is -I’ve seen it here in Australia so I have no idea if that one is available in India also I’ve never used so I can’t tell you how effective it is.

    There is a moisturising lotion – its great, can be used on the face and body. Its wont make your face oilier than normal but its not going to mattify it either, so I just use it at night and its effects last through the day 😛
    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

  10. hi jahanvi…
    I WANTED TO WRITE A POST on this but u came first…..anyways doesnt matter………..
    i have been using this product fr past 7 years………..and i m never going to use anything else on my face……i love this product mainly coz it doesnot contain SLS…and it did help controll my acne……
    and let me correct u fr the price……its 110 rs fr 120 ml…………and not 250 ml….
    nw there is another variant in the markt…that contains SLS…..but i have not given it a try…
    and yes there i cetaphil moisturising lotion also available in the markt….

  11. ohhhhhhhhh……if i could become cetaphil’s brand embassador…………….
    i have used countless bottles of this product……over past 7 years…….
    if anybody has any doubts…..ask me……….hahaahah

    1. So does this work for normal/combination skin? FOr those who have periodic acne? [please say yes cuz my mom already bought one:(] Also, is there another kind with salicylic acid?

  12. Nice review Janhavi. I had heard so much about Cetaphil, but i used to think it was only available in western countries. But just today I went to buy medicines and I saw it. So yay!! Will totally check it out.

  13. i completely agree that cetaphil is an awesome product .. :inlove: ..
    although i dint had any breakouts ever but recently when i had them .. they filled my cheeks 🙁 ..
    dermatologist suggested me this product n within 2 months my face is just as it was ever before … cost wise very economical n very durable. One bottle lasts for 3 months if used wisely.

  14. i have used cetaphil cleanser but guess had been with a better product before so could not like cetaphil that much….my dermatologist had prescribed episoft cleanser which was 125 bucks for 100 ml….it was amazing but is not widely available so had to leave it…..i compared the ingredients of both cetaphil and episoft and found that episoft was a much gentler product so guess that’s the reason why i did not like cetaphil at all……just for the record, i have normal to dry skin…..

  15. hey …i also use cetaphil cleanser…its an awesum product
    but i just want to know whether the cetaphil moisturizer is good for dry skin or not ?

    hope to get a reply soon 🙂

  16. janhavi…it was a great reveiw…i fact iam using the same cleanser prescribed by my dermatologist n strtd using it 4-5 days back…..it feels nice…my sister in law has ben using it since 3 mnths n i cn see a visible change in her skn…it has gt clarified and she is left with no marks on her skin….

    her skin is dry whereas my skin is oily….

    thanks for ur reveiw , i hope it proves to be beneficial for the rest of the lovely ladies…

  17. Hello O:)

    I just came to know about the product few days before n had not bought it yet
    Friend i need your suggestions should i go for this product or not
    I have normal skin n wheat complexion
    but dream for fair n glowy complexion

    Waiting for the response :lashes:

  18. HI…… i m having sensitive skin….with pigmentation on my skin at forehead n around mouth, so, is cetaphil suitatble fr me to remove pigmentation? vERY imp, i m live in solapur so is it geographicly suitable fr me…? plz reply

  19. Hey! thanx for the review. I just wanted to ask if they have any face wash for oily skin or combination skin?

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Cetaphil is one amazing product not be compared with any existing big or small brands in India. It will make your skin healthy and glowing over regular use and makes it healthy, clearer and Young.
    I have it as my personal experience and same for my Mother.

    1. Hey Divya just use it as any face wash.. 🙂 it wud nt make as much foam as any facewash. But u will find ur skin clean n clear … 🙂 hope it helps..

  21. In india only cetaphil cleansing lotion for sensitive skin is available,however i have seen in abroad there is a gentle cleanser also…so whats d main diff between these two…
    one correction in d abv review the pic shown was of cleansing lotion whereas, the gentle cleanser is talked about//// lol..made me all d way more confused..

    also i have found out that in their moisturiser and the one tat u get in abroad,,there r some ingrediatents missing in the one we get here in india…so i guess quality wont b same:((

  22. This is the best facewash I ever met n it was love at first use…..
    I come back home from college with tan n this helps me to get rid of it too…the face feels great…not to oily not to dry….it’s like using a magical water…..
    this is also helping to reduce ance on me…maybe cause it’s controlling oil…

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