Chambor Hydra Max Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser – Review

Chambor Hydra Max Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser – Review

This review is for those of us with normal to oily, or also  oily skin.  I have seen this range from Chambor around for a while now, but never looked at these products further, seeing the words “Hydra Max”.  I assumed it would be extra-moisturising and add to the woes of my oily skin.  However, how I actually came to discover using this range was purely by chance.

In the month of May, I was on holiday in Bangalore and the weather was really dry, sunny and hot.  I was in the Max Factor counter at one of the malls, can’t remember whether it was Central, or Garuda Mall; I think it was Central.  The air-conditioning didn’t seem to be working very well, and I was really hot and bothered.  I remember looking at the Miracle Touch foundation at the MaxFactor counter and asking the sales girl whether this would be suitable for  oily skin.  Chambor counter was right next to the MaxFactor counter and the Chambor sales girl asked me what skin care products I was using.  I don’t even remember what I answered her, but she gave a cotton ball with some toner on it and asked me to wipe one side of my face with it.  I was a bit irritated on being distracted, but I did so anyway.  She asked me to wait for a minute and then feel my face.  To my surprise, my face felt absolutely squeaky clean and dry, the way it feels just after washing it.  I also got this pleasant smell while using the cotton ball.  She asked me to try Chambor’s Hydra Max cleanser, toner and moisturizer, saying how suitable it would be for me, etc. etc.  However, I thought it was just a sales gimmick, and I left the mall after buying some MaxFactor stuff.  I was really astonished to find that after about half an hour or so, when I felt my face, it was still quite dry, though not tight or stretchy.  Even my Aunt remarked how smooth my face looked.  When I got back to the hotel after roaming around in the sun for quite a while, only then, after about 1 or 2 hours, did I feel slight oiliness on my face.  I decided that I must buy this toner ASAP.  I did so after about 2 or 3 days, when I visited the Lifestyle mall at Koramangla.  I bought the toner and tested the moisturizer, which also felt moisturizing but did not leave behind any oily feel or stickiness.  So I bought this too.  The sales girl gave me a tiny sample bottle of the cleanser.  When I tried the sample cleanser…….I was amazed at how my skin felt.   After returning from my holiday, I bought the cleanser as well, and now I have this great skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, from Hydra Max of Chambor.  I am sold out on this one and I hereby declare this my Holy Grail skin care routine for the summer season!  (I have another skin care routine for winter….review coming up!).

Here are these beauties :

Chambor Hydra Man Cleanser , Toner and Moisturiser
Chambor Hydra Man Cleanser , Toner and Moisturiser


Price : Rs. 385/-
Quantity : 100 ml.

This cleanser comes packaged in a cardboard box sealed with cellophane paper. It is a flip-open plastic bottle.  It is a clear, transparent texture, a little thicker than, say thin sugar syrup.  This range of Hydra Max skin care contains “Natural plant-based moisturizing agents” of White Lily Extract and Aloe Vera Extract.  It has a floral kind of smell.  This range is Made in Japan.

Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam
Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam

The swatch on my hand :

Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam Swatch
Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam Swatch

What I like about Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam :

  • After adding a few drops of water, it lathers quite well.
  • It does not leave a noticeably slippery feel on the face after rinsing.
  • Has a pleasant floral smell.
  • Contains aloe vera extract, which soothes skin to a great extent.
  • Has not caused me to break out.
  • Comes in a neat-looking container.

What I don’t like about Chambor Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam :

  • I do wish for that price, the quantity could have been a bit more.
  • Chambor could have made this face wash to have a completely squeaky clean rinse off.
  • Chambor does not have a website where we can browse through their products.


Price : Rs. 435/-
Quantity : 100 ml.

This “softener” (read: toner), also comes in a cardboard box sealed with cellophane paper.  It is a plastic container with an open-and-close cover. It is a water-like transparent consistency, and has a soothing smell, though not so floral as the cleanser.  I guess this is due to the alcohol content in the toner.

Chambor Hydra Max Softener
Chambor Hydra Max Softener

A few drops on my fingers (it’s exactly like water) :

Chambor Hydra Max Moisturiser Softener Swatch
Chambor Hydra Max Moisturiser Softener Swatch

What I like about this ‘Softener’ :

  • It is very refreshing for the skin.
  • Nicely removes traces of cleanser without over-drying the face.
  • My facial skin has never felt so clean and smooth before.
  • I feel it improves the look of the skin with regular use.
  • Has not caused me to break out.

What I don’t like about this ‘Softener’ :

  • I wish they would give a bit more quantity for the price.
  • If you are travelling, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, carry this toner in its original bottle.  More than half the bottle leaked out into my suitcase, while I travelled from Bangalore to Goa.  A real waste.
  • Chambor does not have a website as yet.


Price : Rs. 495/-

Quantity : 100 ml.

This moisturizer also comes in a cardboard box, sealed with cellophane paper.  It is a plastic bottle with an open-and-close lid, exactly same as the toner.  It has a pleasant kind of citrus-floral smell and is a lotion-like consistency, though slightly more runny.

Here’s the swatch :

Chambor Hydra Max Moisturiser
Chambor Hydra Max Moisturiser

What I like about Chambor Hydra MAx  moisturizer :

  • After getting absorbed into the skin (it takes just a minute or two longer than normal moisturizers due to its liquidy consistency), the facial skin feels absolutely smooth and matte.
  • Leaves absolutely no oily finish, while it does its work of moisturizing.
  • Skin stays matte for at least one and half hours after applying make up.  I guess it would depend from person to person.
  • Pleasant, refreshing smell.
  • Did not leak in my suitcase while travelling, unlike the ‘Softener’.

What I don’t like about Chambor Hydra Max Moisturiser :

  • A bit more quantity for the price would have been better.
  • I wish Chambor would introduce a night lotion or moisturizer in this range, for normal to oily skin.  That would have completed the range.
  • Again, Chambor does not have a website.


A Hydra Max Night Cream is available in this range for Rs. 545, and also a Hydra Max Eye Cream for Rs. 415.  I’m yet to try the eye cream and I won’t be purchasing the night cream, as I swatched it at the store and it’s very rich.  Would suit those with normal or normal to dry skin.
I must say, lastly, that my skin has definitely started looking better since using this range, and I have been receiving quite a few compliments!

My rating : Full marks for this range.

Will I re-purchase these again:
Sure!  Already have bought another toner (after losing most of it due to leakage in my suitcase).
Wishing all of you a great week ahead!


26 thoughts on “Chambor Hydra Max Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser – Review

  1. Sabrina, looks like the Chambor SAs all behave the same way 😀 I was trying stuff at Max Factor the other day and had a similar experience. Nice review…will check these the next time I go to Lifestyle.

  2. hy there
    1 yr bk ba ma marriage had got this cleanser only…n also have all the makeup products from chambor… recently hv started using the cleanser n i think its quite gud….

    1. I’m not so much into Chambor make up. I have a few of their eye pencils, and also some gloss. The gloss is just lying there. Must start using these.

  3. Wow…so this was your secret skin care regimen that you were talking about…thankx for reviewing this one Sabrina…….it helps a lot when our skins types are so similar 🙂 🙂 🙂 :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. Hi Jomol…..yes, this was the secret! Been wanting to share it for so long. That pink thing in the background is a make up pouch……I got it free from Bourjois after purchasing some items for around Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 1,500. I really think it’s cute, I store some of my lipsticks in it.

  4. ah when are we getting such nicer brands here!

    Sabrina, thanks for this one. always eyed Chambor skincare after becoming a total fan of their eye makeUp remover. never did buy as they are not too popular for it anyways.
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Bangle Mania Chudi Kankegi =-.

  5. Hey Sabrina. Rem you had askd about the shade of the lipstick I had used in Mac wipes post. I have replied in my post as well and for you it is Maybelline Wet Shine Fusion. No -40 Shade – Glossy Grape 🙂 Sorry for the delay.

    1. Thank you so much, Aarthi. Appreciate it. One last question, did you buy it in India? Sorry for being such a pest. Thanks again.

  6. I’ve been using the softner for the past few months on and off. I like the tingling feeling it leaves on my skin, and I can only assume it actually helps in soaking in the moisturiser better (that’s what the SA told me!). Recently, an SA was trying to sell this to me, and I told her I already have it. She said “well it doesn’t seem like you’re using it cos u have so many blackheads!” I was like “What? it removes blackheads?” According to her, “regular usage will help reduce blackheads, use it twice a day”. Well, I’m using it on most days now, but…not much of a difference.

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