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Bhavna Notani asks;

Dear IMBB,

Hi and thank you very much for waking me up to the world of Make up and Skin Care.

I am 26, with problem free skin (normal to dry skin as per seasons/acne-pimple free, fair complexion), so never used much of skin care or make products until recently.

I came across IMBB, when I was searching for some make up tips during a cousin’s recent wedding and I realized how casual I was about my body.

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So, being a very late waker, I need your urgent help in two matters.

1. My arms got badly tanned in rain shower during Holi, I had applied Lotus matte sunscreen, but it didn’t help and I have developed very bad shades on arms, can’t wear any sleeveless dresses now. Please help me to remove this horrible tan quickly as my arms don’t look mine any more. (Really, when I lift them to my face, nobody can believe these dark arms and fair face are of the same person).

2. Please suggest a good day and night cream for me.  After following IMBB since a month, I have started doing CTM at night, preferably chemical free. (Blossom Kochhar Grape fruit face wash + Rose Water + Nivea cream) but don’t know much about what day/ night creams I should use.

Thanks for everything,


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16 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Severe Tan: Ask IMBB

  1. Bhavna,for tan removal, I use curd.I got severely tanned during my holiday in Andamans and curd did help me to get rid of tan..
    Jus apply curd to your face and arms ,leave it for 20 mins and take bath..I continued this for almost 8-10days and I was back to normal.
    You may also use tomatto juice to remove tan from face.

  2. Bhavna, if you want to try home remedies, you can use lemon+curd+besan+turmeric mixture on the hands. If you want to use a product, use the Vaseline body lotion with the fairness formula or there’s Nature’s Essence Tan Removal Cream. Also, VLCC’s FAde Tan scrub that you can use 🙂

    1. hey,jomol. do the VLCC tan removal creams contain bleach? because they seem to have an instant effect when I use them and honestly at that price I am skeptic if that is a good thing or bad. any ideas?

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      first comment and cudnt resist trying the smileys. 😛 they are awesome. 🙂

  3. You can try DEPIWHITE Cream.Available at Chemist shop . Use only at NIGHT and apply sunscreen with it on regular basis .

  4. three sure shot things
    mix besan lil lemon juice n lil raw milk out 20 mins daily( go easy on lemon if u wish )
    make rice powder in grinder, mix with raw milk, use this as ur cleanser daily
    use kesar plus milk (soaked overnight in fridge may be )
    use this to wipe ur face often in the day

    i had bad tan during shcool, got rid with this 🙂

  5. Thank u all for lovely suggestions.

    Will try natural + products, nd tell u the exp. 🙂

    Jomol,about Vaseline suggestion, is it Vaseline Healthy white body milk or Healthy white triple lightening one?

  6. potato juice is d best for removing tan
    grate potato n squeeze out its juice n appky on ur arms n other affected area. keep it applied till it dries. wash it n pat dry. do this in the evening anytym coz, taking bath . after dis or appkying soap will reduce the impact.

    also lemon curd n besan r gud.
    hope u regain ur original slf soon.

  7. hey bhavna, happy chetichand! for tan removal i would suggest the bestest and fastest remedy – tomato! results are sure in 2-3 days. u can first get ur arms waxed even if u dont have much hair. waxing removes upper dead cells and thus lifts the tan a little. then for the next 3 days rub tomato on arms. trust me, it will do wonders!
    have u tried fem body bleach? or body peel at salons?

  8. Thank u all for the Wonderful Suggestions, 🙂

    Was trying to reply all of you, but some how my comments never pass the moderation test 🙁

    Rama, Jomol, Surabhi,Khushi – After reading your suggestion, I started with besan+curd+lemon+turmeric+rosewater(just to wash off curd smell) ubtan today eve.

    Neha, will make rice powder this weekend when I go home, don’t own a grinder at PG.

    Jomol, vaseline triple white or healthy white body milk?

    Swadha can, dephiwhite be used without doc’s recommendation?

    Jyoti, happy cheti chand to u too..have gone for waxing, as u had said it did helped a little, never tried body bleach, and don’t know what body peel is.Tomato is next on my try list.

    Thanx again all, Lots of love…

  9. nature”s essence lacto tan removal pack does a pretty good job! 🙂 hussle free! 🙂
    apply it atleast once in a day. there is a visible difference in a few days! 🙂

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