Chemical Free Shampoo For Dry Hair: Ask IMBB

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Resmi Anish asks:

Hi Beautiful ladies,

I am desperately in need of a good shampoo for my dry hair. I never looked at the ingredients list before I got into IMBB. Now, I am very careful in choosing my cosmetics, all thanks to IMBB. I am looking for a chemical-free shampoo, which I can use on alternate days. I have severe hair fall too.

Please help me beauties.

Thanks a ton in advance.

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15 thoughts on “Chemical Free Shampoo For Dry Hair: Ask IMBB

    1. Thanks Jomol.

      I dont have a good experience with himalaya herbals.

      Im still thnking The body shopr ainforest or The bodyshop ginger one.

      Any other recommendations?

    1. Hey Prachi….

      You can just send you query to the same email id ( we send in articles to….

  1. If you live in south india, then you could find Dhathiri herbal shampoos, its effective, cheap and chemical free 🙂

  2. Hi following are ur options :
    The Body shop rainfores range..only this one is chemical free else every other shampoo from Body shop has chemicals.
    Organic Surge Shampoo
    Lass Naturals — I would totally recommend this one for ur hair fall problem as well as I have heard many good reviews for this one.
    Rustic art shampoos — Again very good reviews by ppl who use it..

    Given one choice,lass naturals over any other one.

      1. Yea it is still nt reviewed here..I would ask my sister to add one here as she has been using that shampoo from past 5-6 months..

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