China Glaze and OPI Nail Polishes

China Glaze and OPI Nail Polishes

By Deepika B.

Hey Guys!!!

It’s been almost a year since I first saw this website and since then, I always look up IMBB for reviews of any products before I buy them! These reviews are very helpful and I decided to contribute too.

I love make up and my recent obsession is with nail paints.  So, here we go!!!

Its true that nails do reflect one’s personality. Well groomed nails always leave a good impression. Who doesn’t love to look groomed and what better way than painting your nails which doesn’t even take 5 minutes of your precious time.

Today, I will be reviewing:

  • Traffic Jam by China Glaze.
  • Light my Sapphire by OPI.
  • Quarter of a Cent-Cherry by OPI.

These nail polishes are my absolute favourite and they are the reason why I’m a nail polish addict.

First to go is Traffic Jam by China Glaze:

China Glaze and OPI Nail Polishes

This is my first China Glaze polish.  I walked up to the store and picked it up without much thinking.  I didn’t know I would love it so much. I bought this last year and still it is one of my favourite colours so far.  It has a creamy look and feel to it which makes it look rich and classy. It’s a classic pink from Metro collection launched in fall 2011. A perfect manicure colour which is not too flashy; I have also worn it to work at times.  These are swatches of Traffic Jam under different light settings.  I just applied one coat just to show how opaque it is and all the swatches are without top coat.

On my mom’s nails with some nail art:

Nail Art

Pros of China Glaze Traffic Jam:

  • Easy application, has a creamy texture which easily glides on nails without streaking it.
  • Has a classy look to it making it work appropriate.
  • Does not chip.
  • It’s almost a year old now and the consistency is just the same from the first time I used it, major plus point for me!!
  • Quite opaque, I don’t like multiple layers on my nails, this colour gets opaque in just one thin coat!
  • It has hardness properties in it and it works, my nails got stronger!

Light My Sapphire

Cons of China Glaze Traffic Jam:

  • Not any really, but if I have to write something, then I would say, it may stain your nails a bit only if you use it for weeks together.  This can easily be avoided by using a good base coat.
  • It might be a bit messy while removing using a non-acetone nail polish remover; needs an extra bit of nail polish remover to remove all of the polish off your nails.

Next up is “Light my Sapphire” by OPI.  By the way, did I tell you I just love the names of OPI polishes.

OPI Light My Sapphire

It’s a dark blue, almost looks black. If black is too black for you, this is a good alternative. It goes will with your LBD – Little black dress. This is a good colour to go with you champagne glass in your cocktail parties.  Here I have applied 2 coats because it is sheer. It needs 2 coats to bring out the actual colour.  With 2 coats, it looks amazing and has a bit of sparkle which is not very evident.

Some nail art with top coat, I noticed that top coat ruined its shine and sparkle. So, avoid top coat, it doesn’t need one any way.

Colourful Nail Art

Pros of OPI Light My Sapphire:

  • Good colour to work with your black outfit.
  • Although first coat might be a bit streaky, the second coat gets it opaque without any streaks.
  • It has a running consistency which is good as it won’t dry up in the bottle.
  • Easily gets removed with non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • It has a beautiful shine and sparkle making it a great colour for cocktail parties.
  • Doesn’t chip.

Cons of OPI Light My Sapphire:

  • None actually. I wonder how it will look on a fair skin tones.  It works well for me 🙂

Last but not the least Quarter of a cent-cherry by OPI:

OPI Quarter Of a Cent Cherry

With one coat and no top coat.

This one again has a creamy consistency. Well, it says in the name, it is a cherry red colour. It’s again super easy to apply similar to Traffic Jam by China Glaze. It is a pretty good pedicure colour too. I like to wear this mostly on my foot nails.

Well, it’s a red, so goes well with anything and everything.

With two coats:

Red Nail Art

Pros of OPI Quarter Of a Cent-Cherry:

  • It’s a pretty red colour.
  • Easy application gets opaque in just one coat.
  • A good pedicure colour.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Doesn’t need a top coat.
  • Stays on for a week without chipping

Cons of OPI Quarter Of a Cent-Cherry:

  • I am not too pleased with the consistency.  Though its easy to apply, I feel its consistency is not the same from the time I first applied, it has become thick.
  • It takes quite some time to dry, I don’t know why?

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