Different Types of Nail Polish

Nail polishes have been in fashion since hundred of years now and when I say hundred I really mean it. People of China’s Ming dynasty (15th century) and Chou dynasty (600 BC) used colour’s to enhance their nails. Egyptian queen Cleopatra also used nail paint to enhance her beauty.

Nail polish

Traditionally worn by women nail paints are quickly getting popular among men as well.

Like every other cosmetic product nail polishes too have through a long transition. They are no longer restricted to mere a colour for nails rather the market is full of polishes that not only enhances the beauty of our hands but protect and strengthen them as well. Various international brands like OPI, Revlon, Sally Hansen etc have a full line on nail care products.

Nail polishes today can be classified on the basis of the following categories:


By nail polish finish I mean how does it look when we are done applying it on nails. Nail polish comes in wide range of finishes these days like:

a) Matte: They have no shine or shimmer in them, are difficult to apply and may lead to streakiness.

b) Sheer: These have a transparent finish and usually come in the shades of pinks or nudes.

c) Pearl: These have a little sheen in them just like a pearl i.e. they aren’t sparkly like a disco ball.

d) Metallic: As the name suggests these have metal like finish in them. Most popular shades are gold, copper and silver.

e) Glitter: These contain chunks of glitter in them though the size of the glitter may vary from brand to brand. The finish of these may not be very smooth.

Nail paint

Quick drying

These nail paints take as little as a minute or two to dry out completely as compared to the common ones which usually take very long to dry out.

Top and Base coats

These are clear nail paints which prevent the coloured paints from fading or chipping away easily.

Base coat prevents our nails from discoloration caused due to repeated use of dark colours whereas top coat adds shine and prevents nail polish from chipping and fading and thus enable them to stay longer.

Nail paint

Strengthening nail paints

Apart from the above mentioned nail polishes there are certain polishes that help to strengthen and enhance the growth of our nails. These have strengthening fibers and proteins which prevent nails from chipping, breaking or splitting and thus promote healthy growth of the nails. These are basically treatment nail paints which have to be applied daily for few days to get the desired results.

So what is your favorite nail polish finish?

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