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What your nail colours say about you?

As women we all love to paint our nails, it doesnít depend on whether we have bitten our nails off or have the good old fakes, we LOVE colour, especially on our nails! And let’s face it we all are the first to judge when we see another women’s nails, bright red oh, she is looking for attention or black – she must be depressed or sad? But think again that is not always the case.

nail Color Theory
nail Color Theory

I’m guessing that most women choose the colour for their nails to either match their outfit, the season or always go for their favourite colour? I know Iím a huge fan of choosing a colour that I think will look good with that certain outfit, and Iím a big fan of changing my nail colour almost every day. Nail polish and nail remover are my best friends, I go nowhere without them, just so i’ll always be ready for that next colour change. But have you ever sat back and wondered what your nail colour really means? Below I have listed a few of the favourite nail colours and what they rally stand for, so next time before you choose your next nail polish have a think and see if this colour really is what you stand for?

RED: There may be a thousand and one different shades of red but the general bold red colour is a sign of a sexy, sassy, self-assured women who is not afraid to be dramatic and bold. Bright red is a bold, look-at-me colour that is a symbol for passion, fire, and confidence. You love the spotlight, and you take charge of situation and do it with your head held high. You desire fullness in your life experiences. But beware, red stimulates your appetite, so if youíre trying to lose weight and looking at your red nails all dayÖnot a good idea. Also, don’t get confused and upset when life isn’t going your way. Don’t judge people too soon or get bored of things.

nail Color Theory
nail Color Theory

If you someone who does not like red, the agressiveness and intensity is too much for you to take.

BLACK why does everyone right away assume that black nail polish is related to the devil, satan and whoever wears it is an emo, and depressed soul? Well black nail polish is quite the opposite, It is a classic symbol of anti-establishment. Black gives out the vibe of a strong, confident women who is in a small way liking to rebel against the norm by showing some darkness and individuality to their style. Black signifies dignified and mysterious.

YELLOW and ORANGE : these two colours are bright and vibrant, great for people who love to have the spotlight on them. It also symbolizes the seasons, summer and autumn They both are very positive and energizing colours, letting off a positive and energetic vibe. People with orange are generous and friends can count on them for their big heart. They are very social make friends easily. Don’t expect them to marry though. They believe more in friendship.

GREEN : Going green excludes an earthliness feel and gives out a soothing and calming effect, as well as associated with nature and the outdoors. Thatís why green is one of springís most popular shades, if you feel stressed wear green it may help you feel more relaxed. People with green are stable, sensible, and motivated by exellence.

BLUE – Blue is a colour that can be both, peaceful and calming as well as cold and standoffish. Blue also like green can be a great calmative but if your sad try and stay away from blue, it can sometimes make you feel more ìblueî. People with blue can be introspective, opinionated, and sensitive to others. Also if you feel a squirt of inspiration, paint some blue on your nails itís great for creativity.

PINK- want a little romance and happiness in your life? Then splash on a little pink, pink is a real girly ñ girl colour thatís associated with fun and spontaneity. Pink signifies innocence, delicacy and romance. If you need tones of energy, pink isnít the colour for it also has a calming effect. This colour is great to wear on your nails for a first date, it will give that special man a sense that you are in the mood to look for a little more than romance.

PURPLE : the great colour about purple is similar to red by being a stimulating colour and boosts energy levels. It is also a colour that is considered with spirituality and intuition. So if youíre off for a job interview paint your nails a lovely lavender colour, to give off that real sophisticated look.

nail Color Theory
nail Color Theory

These are some of the basic nail colours, obviously nail polish colours branch out to thousands of colours, but these are just a few hints that may help you to decide what colour you should wear for that special day. Nail polish colours all come down to what youíre feeling and representing who you are, your own individual personality should shine through your nails. So keep on painting!


24 thoughts on “What does your Nail Polish Colour say about You : Nails Fun

  1. Gr8 review Emma!!!! N i luuuvvvvvv ur name :-* :inlove: …M a huge Freinds fan u c…Pink,red n black r totallyyyyyyy ma colors…..LUVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv dem…..N i agree wid u y does everyone feel black is only for gothic types…..i luv it simply coz it makes my hands luk all gora gora n sexyyyyy :silly: :silly:

  2. wow! loved the article!!! awesome awesome awesome 🙂
    But i am wearing RED and have also been trying to lose weight!!! No wonder it’s not working… 🙁 hmmmphhh… I change my shade today.. i think i’ll go for PINK 😉 need a bit of romance in life… 😛 😛 😛 😛

  3. haha i was just applying a coffee brown nail paint on my nails and i am waiting for it to dry 😛
    Loved the article emma 😀
    I agree with the black nail polish thing.People just judge so soon.
    I am a red person,I usually wear red always.
    I am more into red,browns..

  4. Amazing article Emma!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: Very nice info on nail colors!! ..Me a die hard fan of pinkssssssssss… :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Almost all of my nail paints are some shade of pink!! :struggle: :struggle: … 😛 😛 And I love purples too!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Was a pink then ventured to Black, then purple got its turn and now, I am more of a red brown person…

    so now my palette passionate, confident, sexy, innocent, sophisticated and mysterious… :-* 😎

    MEOW!! :cat2:

  6. LOVED it!!! m still smiling… uve a grt way of writing 🙂
    hmmmm deciding on wat to apply today…… maybe i’ll mix a couple shades and make sumthing fiery.. Dedicated to EMMA 😀

  7. Nice I am a person who loves to experiment all colours and very colour has a beauty in itself with nail art today we can combine all our favourite colours to make lovely nails .

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