Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser Review

Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser

Hello Girlies,

How are you all doing? I am back with a review on a cleanser from the brand “clean & clear”. I have used almost all the products from this brand and I have pretty much liked their products, so I thought I would give this one a try too. I have had oily skin and during my teenage, the acne I used to get was a serious nightmare. Every morning I got up, there used to be a new one on my face. Although now I don’t face that problem much but a little break-outs here and there still haunt me. But still its summer time so just as a preventive measure I picked this one up.


Price: Rs 85 (80 g)

Product description: Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser helps clear pimples without over drying. It contains pimple-fighting formula to provide an effective solution for acne.It works 4 ways:
• Cleanses thoroughly into pores.
• Removes oil, dirt and impurities that causes pimples.
• Helps prevent development of new pimples.
• Reduces discomfort from acne irritated skin leaving it comfortably clean, fresh & smooth.

Directions for use:

Put a small amount of Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser on wet until rich lather is formed. Apply lather onto wet face and massage gently. Rinse well with water. For best results, use with clean and clear moisturizer.


My take on Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser

So starting with the packaging, genuinely I did not like the packaging. I get attracted easily towards colourful, cute packaging but this one is a big plastic tube white in colour with purple fonts on it which is pretty boring. When it is lying in your washroom, it is so dull that at times I don’t feel washing my face with it. It gives a medicated face wash look but obviously we are more interested in how the product works on the skin. So coming to that, the cleanser is transparent white in colour and the consistency is similar to the face-wash. It is very gentle on the skin too. It feels very light when you apply it. It lathers pretty well. The smell is like a mixture of wax and menthol. It does not have wax but I am just trying to describe the smell. It smells exactly like pepper mint.


It provides a nice cooling sensation (which I like) and makes you feel refreshed and that is because of the ingredient menthyl lactate. Talking about the claims, it cleaned up my face pretty well and my skin did not feel oily at all after using this. I also used it after removing my make-up and it removed the make-up residues pretty well. It did control my acne to a certain extent but it will not work for people who suffer from severe acne breakouts.

This product has salicylic acid which works very well for acne but for my skin benzoyl peroxide works better. Although I was happy that it did not dry out my skin like the other acne treating products. So overall it is a good product and does what it claims. But I will stick to my acne products that I have been using for past 3 years. I have ordered those products from USA. I will get them by July when my uncle comes because they are neither available in India nor online.


PROS of Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser:

• Easy to carry
• Easily available
• Affordable price
• Quantity is very good and will last for a month
• Does what it claims
• Skin did not become dry
• I did not face any breakouts at the time of using this

CONS of Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser:

• Will not cure severe acne
• Dull packaging

Will I repurchase/recommend it?

Yes I recommend this cleanser during summers as it provide a cooling sensation and a gives a refreshing feeling too. It will cure minor acne problems so if you don’t have those big issues for acne, then you can surely try this one. I will not actually repurchase this as benzoyl peroxide products work better for me.

Rating: 4.2/5

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25 thoughts on “Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser Review

    1. Yeahhh its a good one Gowme *hifive* works really well for the price you pay *pompom* and *thankyou* *thankyou*

    1. Totally Neha di.. *drool* these are all the timepass drugstore facewashes that i pick up randomly from here and there… *hihi* but they do work well.. surely try it *happy dance* *hifive*

  1. i used it one yr back but stopped after 2weeks as it was over drying my normal to combi skin and led to red rashes and more breakouts!!! *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* *cry*
    will never use it nor recommend to anyone with normal to combi skin types! *pan* *nonono* *nonono*

    1. Shilpa, I’m a regular user of this product from about last 1 year. and I’ve normal-combi skin too *specs* and it works for me. my mom has normal skin and she sometimes uses it without any problem. only my sis don’t like it ‘coz she doesn’t suffer fron acne. 😀 I think your skin reacted too some chemical ingredients. *scared*
      Also, they have changed the packaging and it’s now a clear face wash instead of this white one. *announce*

      1. Awww Shilpa sad it did not work for you *cry* yess totally agree with prachi… your skin might have reacted to some ingredient.. that might have caused you redness and breakouts… i used it for 15 days or so and worked pretty well… *happy dance* *haan ji* did not cause me any problems.. actually products have different reaction on everyone.. hope you found a better one for you *hifive*

        1. Ohhh Prachi they changed the packaging *shock* *shock* i was not aware about that… but thank god they did… *happy dance* *happy dance* i hated this packaging.. soo dull *pan*

          1. packaging is everyone personal choice… *shy* . since i suffer from acne the only thing that has ever mattered for me is if the product would work for me. *waiting* I don’t bother myself with the packaging if the product works for my skin.. *clap* ….but I do make sure that product is not near its expiry 😛

            1. Yeahh ofcourse me too *hifive* the first thing is whether the product works or not.. but this was a good one for me that too at this price *happydance* glad it worked for you too *puchhi*

  2. this product seems nice ,although i dnt have acne problems… touch wood *scared*
    nice find and review *clap* *clap*

    1. *thankyou* sooo much Nats… *puchhi* thank god you dont have that acne problem… *happydance* its get sooo irritating when your skin breaks out often *headbang* *headbang*

      1. i used to have a lot of acne in my teen’s and at that time we never had imbb or any medium to tell us what product is good for acne.. its a passing phase, acne will reduce over time, unless ur skin is very oily and u dnt take care of it… samjhi gayi chokri 😛 *shy*

        1. haaaa samji gai *hihi* *hihi* but luckily IMBB is there to help me out *pompom* *pompom* yes definitely my acne has reduced over a period of time… my skin isn’t that oily anymore *happydance* lucky me *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. Does it give a stretchy feeling after wash? I have used it andi always get the dry stretchy feeling afterwards

    1. Shania i have a little of oily skin so did not get the dryness at all… *nababana* i removed the oil and made my skin soft… although you can use the moisturizer from the same range to avoid dryness *hifive*

  4. Oh this is good. I had this. This has salicylic acid , helped unclog pores. The saslic one is also a great alternative.

    1. Yeahh Arja this worked nicely on my skin *powder* but that variant with benzoyl peroxide worked much better for me than this one *happydance*

    1. Yes Abeer totally *hifive* it will react different to different skin types… *haan ji* but you can definitely give it a try as its not that expensive… worth trying *happydance* *haan ji*

  5. me wanna it now.. *drool* i too suffered from acne in my teens.. *shy* and still going thru same stage.. *secret*

    1. Neetu you will get soo many variants out there… as you dont stay in India… and have you tried acne free products yet?? they would be available where you stay… it vanished all my acne in just a month.. *hifive* although it dries out the skin a lot and might not suit everyone… but worked really great for me… i am a loyal follower of that product .. *happydance* do try it and see the results *puchhi*

    1. yes Esha… it did not do anything extra-ordinary but worked nicely for my skin type *pompom* *pompom* *happydance*

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