Clinique 02 True Black Brush-On Cream Liner Review

Skin tone: fair-light, brown eyes
skin type: oily eye lids

Hello friends,
Hope all of you are enjoying your days! I am totally enjoying the eye makeup sessions these days and thanks to you all for putting up easy and gorgeous tutorials to motivate me further. Pretty recently, I developed this liking for cream gel liners and after my trial and errors I finally settled down with few staple products. Clinique cream liner is one product which immediately took my heart with its small cute packaging and ease of application. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that I love it more than Bobbi Brown or other cream gel liners I tried so far. Let’s read more about Clinique True Black Brush-On Cream Liner!
clinique brush on cream liner true black

Price: $16.50 for 0.17 oz, excludes shipping and tax


Product Details: Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner is creamy eyeliner that brushes on deep, smoky, eye-defining color. The long-wearing, waterproof formula comes packaged with a mini Eyeliner Brush. Ophthalmologist tested.

How to use: Apply in even strokes close to your lash line with an eyeliner brush or the included mini brush. It can be smudged while still wet for a smokier effect. Remove with your favorite eye makeup remover.
• 100% fragrance-free.
• Allergy tested.

My Experience with Clinique 02 True Black Brush-On Cream Liner:

The creamy liner comes in super cute mini tub packaging with silver cap and a mini brush. I am not a fan of the brush, although it comes handy for touch ups and travelling. Oh what a totally adorable and travel friendly packaging.

The shade “True Black” is certainly not the blackest of black liners I own or tried so far but I love it that way. I mean I am not fan of wearing harsh jet black colors on upper lids and often find that softer browns, chocolate or soft black liners suit my brown eyes well over harsh black; it does not look grey or faded black anyway. Hence this softer black is what I always needed for my skin tone and eye makeup. I am also fan of shiny black liner while this one provides matte finish.

Coming to the texture, all I can say is that I want to dip my finger in the jar and feel the slushy creamy texture; it is oh so soft, creamy yet non-sticky and tacky on eyes, much to my liking. I love how it has a forgiving soft formula which lets go of minor mistakes before setting onto non-smudging stain. And the best part, I need not use primer or base on oily lids to set it as it alone works like charm on every skin type.
black gel liner

Did I tell you how intensely pigmented yet creamy it is to impart saturated soft black color pay off to my eyes? I think I love it more with every usage as it glides like cream on my eyes even with such small brush imparting soft black color pay off. I love how it never ceases to amaze me with its non-patchy, non-flaky and long lasting staying power even with no primer; but I make it sure to wear it over primer considering my oily lids.
clinique gel liner

Moreover I see it coming off with slight rubbing when worn without primer but nothing to worry as it does not smudge or flake. I simply tested its lasting power with intentional rubbing stroke but it looked fine to me. It glides like soft cream liner which soon settles onto matte black stain thereby sitting comfortably on eye lids for several hours with no fading and/or feathering luckily. I just wish the brush would have been bit more firm, narrow and bit bigger but no worries; I can live with slight disappointments.
clinique true black

Not to forget it is more or less waterproof (once set on eye lids post application) and does not melt or fade for decent hours even in humid climate; it might fade off slowly with no smudging or transferring to eye area within 9-10 hours (with a primer) of wear time but still better than many liners I tried. I am definitely getting it again and recommend to everyone irrespective of your skin type and skin tone. However if you prefer wearing shiny jet black liners and expect perfect long lasting liner then it might disappoint you a bit; other than that I find nothing concerning in its finish or formula.

Pros of Clinique 02 True Black Brush-On Cream Liner:

• A soft black creamy liner.
• Glides easily on oily lids without primer and base.
• Imparts full color pay off even without primer.
• Does not look blotchy or flaky even after several hours.
• Non-smudging, non-feathering and non-transferring finish.
• Definitely lives up to the claims.
• Stays comfortably for several hours without primer.
• May stay as long as 9-10 hours with primer/base.
• Does not fade or transfer even in hot humid climate.
• Easily forgiving finish and formula.
• Does not sting or irritate eye area.
• Quite user-friendly and travel friendly packaging.

Cons of Clinique 02 True Black Brush-On Cream Liner:

• Not the blackest black.
• Brush only good for touch ups.
• Oily lids might need primer.

IMBB Rating – 4.7/5!
Well other than the brush issue I don’t think I have any complaints with this super wonderful texture and formula.

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