Cover FX Cream Foundation Brush and Concealer Brush Review

I think by now you’d probably know how much I absolutely love Cover FX Products. The fact that they are available in India makes me like them even more. 😀  The two brushes I am reviewing today have become my absolute favourites from past few months. So sharing them with you all today. 🙂

Cover FX Concealer Brush Review ( Price : USD20/INR 1,350 approx) :

This is a synthetic bristles flat concealer brush. The bristles are a bit longish and that’s why I like this brush a lot. It covers a larger area underneath the eyes in one go and works as a single brush for both highlighting and concealing underneath the eyes. It is not a very firm brush so I find it quite gentle for the delicate under eyes. It has enough bent and makes for a very light pressure when you apply your concealer. Tather than using it in a swiping motion, I like to just apply and pat the concealer using it brush until it all looks seamless. It also is a fabulous brush for using it under the brow bone area to highlight, to use it as a fine tune brush to fix the edges of the lipsticks. The bristles become a bit thinner at the end and make for a great precision and you can really go close to your lower lash line or sides of the nose to get a precise application.  You can also do a spot concealing with this. Just apply the concealer and pat and blend with the same brush. Since it is a synthetic fibre brush, it does not drink up any product. It also cleans up with no effort. It is also PETA approved, vegan and cruelty free brush. I would not call it a must have brush but I find it quite fantastic and it is a great addition to the kit. Rating : 5/5

Cover FX Cream Foundation Brush (USD38 /INR 2,500 approx) : It is a natural bristles dense foundation brush. It is a dense brush but has enough bent for bristles to move around and blend the foundation seamlessly. I am literally obsessed with this brush. For me it literally is beauty blender on a stick. It is so soft and gives an air brush finish to the foundation. I actually used this brush to blend the foundation in my yesterday’s makeup look. I also use it to blend cream contours and it works like a charm. The bristles are very soft, they don’t shed and despite using it umpteen times and washing it after every single usage, this brush has held its shape and softness. Also this has not shed a single bristle. How I like to use this brush is that I dab the foundation on my face either with my finger tips or a regular foundation brush, and then just use this brush to blend everything seamlessly. It also kind of takes away any excess foundation and prevents it from looking cakey. It does not cause any streaks and totally makes everything look flawless. The only thing with these brushes is that you cannot be lazy with cleaning them up. I wash this brush every single time I use it. Sometimes I also spritz some water or a setting spray to dampen it and get a little lighter coverage. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a good liquid foundation brush and also that would work like a dream in blending cream contouring products. I absolutely enjoy using it and reach for it quite often. Rating : 4.5/5




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