Konad Foundation Brush Review

Konad Foundation Brush

Hello beautiful ladies,

I was in search of a good brush which I can use for applying foundation and after using Vega’s buffer brush in PB-17 I thought that I should try a foundation brush instead of a stippling brush. So I went for Konad’s Foundation Brush.

Price: INR 430 (available at a lesser price online)

Konad Foundation Brush


The brush like most of the brushes comes in a plastic packaging which can be easily opened and closed when required. The brush can be stored in the packaging itself without the fear of dirt. Even if stored without the packaging the bristles have a plastic covering on it which protects it from dust and keeps the bristles in shape.

What the company claims:

A better way to spread your foundation evenly on the skin, Konad Foundation Brush is very affordable and safe as it comes in a plastic casing which protects it from foreign contamination while it is not being used. This bristle cover is also useful while travelling.

Konad Foundation brush

Konad Foundation Brush has very soft yet firm bristles that help in spreading the foundation lotion easily on the face and neck. The product is soft yet sturdy and the bristles do not bleed or fall out even after continuous use. The flexible and long handle makes it quite easy to use. This brush can be effectively used for applying not only the foundation but also the concealer.

Features and Benefits:

• Good product even for people who are not well versed in applying make up
• Oval shape of this brush helps in easy application even at areas around the eyes and ears.

Konad Foundation brush

My take on the Konad Foundation Brush:

After trying Vega’s buffer brush I thought of getting a foundation brush but I wanted to try a different brand. One day while surfing net I came across this brush and I thought of trying it. I am glad I bought this. It is a brush that has extremely soft bristles which makes the foundation flow like butter on the face. It makes foundation application and blending very easy.

Konad Foundation brush (5)

The brush has a long black handle which makes it convenient to use and handle. The bristles of the brush are dual colored, creamish yellow on the lower half and blackish on the upper half. This makes the brush look visually appealing and attractive. I have used the brush several times and the bristles are intact. They do not shed on the face while using the brush. Although care need to be taken while washing the brush. A good brush cleaner or baby shampoo should be used otherwise the bristles may shed. I noticed this fact when I washed it with a local shampoo; I saw lot of bristles shedding, but when the next time I used Jonson’s baby shampoo, not even a single bristle shed.

Konad Foundation brush (6)

The brush is particularly good due to its oval shape, which makes applying foundation near the nose area and under the eyes easy. While using this brush, the foundation sometimes need some extra blending if applied in large quantity as in that case the brush may leave stroke marks on the face but usually its good and does not leave any stoke marks on the face.

Pros of Konad Foundation Brush:

• Bristles are of good quality and do not shed.
• Affordable price.
• Bristles are extremely soft.
• Travel friendly.
• I loved the dual colored bristles.

Konad Foundation brush (7)

Cons of Konad Foundation Brush:

• There is no con except the fact that sometimes it may leave streaky marks on the face which need to be further blended.

Would I buy Konad Foundation Brush again?

Konad Foundation brush (4)

I don’t think that I will need to buy it again as it is of good quality and would last me for a long time and also I would love to try a stippling brush, the one I actually wanted to buy.

Do I recommend Konad Foundation Brush?

Yes I do recommend this product due to its amazing quality and reasonable price.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5

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  1. great.. I will definitely recommend it to all fellow frnds n family members who are searching for a decent brush!!

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