Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick Review

This is the nastiest lipstick that I have ever tried and I threw it right out of my vanity. I can’t begin to explain that what all is wrong with this lipstick and how it is not meant for most of the skin tones, except the unusually pale ones. This shade made me vow to never buy Covergirl lipsticks ever again. Keep reading to know, why I despise this product so much.

Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick

Product Description:
This deliciously rich lipstick is infused with shea butter for lasting color and comes in 36 shades you can’t help but crave. Try hues from all four indulgent color families: smooth nudes, rich reds, yummy plums and luscious pinks. Your lips will thank you.

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Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick 2

My Take on Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick:

Most drug stores that sell Covergirl products, have a huge array of these particular lipsticks displayed in a tasteful manner. Since, the packaging is also appealing, one invariably checks them out and chooses a color or two just based on the lid color, then happily walks home with the new purchase. Later, you remove the cellophane wrapper(so that there is no option of return) and swatch it only to find the awful shade that makes one look the scary version of Nicky Minaj.

The packaging is the only reason, why I bought this product at the first place. It looks sophisticated and is (supposedly) in the color of the lipstick, which makes the selection easier, if one does end up using this product and adding it to their vanity.

Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick 3

It is creamy, but not that buttery and does tug a little while applying. A thin layer of lip balm makes the process easier. The stub appears frosty and it indeed is frosty to the point that it appears unnatural and tacky.

I despise the color, as it is lavender with too much of white undertones and frosting.

Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick 4

It has a good pigment but it is of no use since I do not like the product. But if someone does happen to like the product, then they might appreciate this feature.

Shimmer and Shine:
It has a frosty, white finish and would go only with extremely fair and pale beauties.

The product has no fragrance, which I personally like.

Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick 5

Wear Time:
It stays long. But honestly, I don’t know how it wears between meals, since I could not bear to wear the color for that long.

This product might be good, but the shade is really disappointing. When I tried few other shades, I realized that most of them have a frosty finish and are not meant for my complexion. It would be a disappointing product for most of the readers.

Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick 6

Pros of Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick:

  • Attractive, sturdy packaging with appropriate color, which makes identification easier.
  • No fragrance.
  • Variety of shades for various skin tones.
  • Not that expensive.
  • Might look good on fair complexion beauties.
  • Can be used for some freaky costume party.

Cons of Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick:

  • Quantity is not that appreciable.
  • Has a frosty finish.
  • Too much of white undertones.
  • Not meant for medium to dark complexion.
  • Looks way too unnatural and garish.

Would I Repurchase Covergirl Verve Violet Colorlicious Lipstick?
No way. There is plenty wrong with this product and it is disappointing that a brand like Covergirl would come up with a product like this. This lipstick is a niche product, which is not meant for most of the skin tones and will be a let down for most. The fair skin tone girls can try it out because it might look pretty on them.

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