8 Different Ways to Use Ubtan for Glowing Skin

From homemade ubtans with almonds and turmeric to store-bought ones, we all know how ubtans can brighten up and exfoliate skin. Haven’t we all tried famous Priyanka Chopra’s ubtan recipe and got wowed by the results. However, if you clueless about using ubtans, we have listed out 10 different ways and combinations to get the maximum out of these powders.

Different Ways to Use Ubtan for Glowing Skin

1. Mixed with Rose water : Sometimes I’d take cool rose water, mix it in ubtan and wash my face with it. It gives me a benefit of goodness of rosewater and exfoliation of the scrub. It’s better than mixing with plain old water as well.
2. Mixed with milk / yogurt I have normal to dry skin so I prefer to use ubtan with milk / raw milk. But if you have oily skin, you can mix it with yogurt too. Instant skin brightener .
3. As a face pack : Mix it with of the natural ingredients – cucumber juice /watermelon juice/ tomato juice/ aloe vera juice/ milk/ yogurt/ rose water/ lemon juice (not if you have sensitive skin)…whatever works best for your skin and use it as a pack. Leave it for a few minutes. Then wet the pack with water and gently rinse it off while scrubbing away the dead skin cells.
4. With Cleansing Oil : this is my favourite deep exfoliation method that I often use. Mix ubtan with a bit of cleansing oil and scrub it on your face. The cleansing oil would give a lovely emollient base, would work as a cleanser and of course you have your scrub.This would leave your skin fresh, clean and glowing. I also did a detailed post on this tip HERE
5. As a tan removal pack: Mix your ubtan with lemon + yogurt and scrub away the tan. Has always worked for me. 🙂 You can also follow some of these recipes for tan removal. Read HERE.

6. With your regular Cleanser: Take one tbsp of ubtan powder and squeeze in your regular cleanser, and mix both well in your palms. Apply this mixture in circular motion all over the face to get instantly smooth skin.

7. In Rosehip Oil: To brighten and reduces scars and hyperpigmentation, mix rosehip oil with ubtan and apply on the face and neck area for 20 minutes and rinse off.

8. With Almond Oil: Mix ubtan in a few drops of sweet almond oil to get added benefits of vitamin E in the pack.

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