DIY Bib Necklace with Pearls

DIY Bib Necklace with Pearls

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today I am super excited to do post on DIY. I am big fan of DIYs, it helps in showcasing your creativity and after seeing so many DIYs here, I though of doing one myself.

I am using white pearls; you can select any color of your choice. So are you all ready? Let’s get started then.


Things we need

An old black color cloth
Thread n needle
Fabric glue
Lace (as per the length of necklace you want)

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Steps to be followed:

1) Take a paper, draw a design, and cut that paper according to design

2) Take that cutting as a stencil and draw same on Black cloth.

3) Cut black cloth as desired.


4) Similarly cut bookram(We are using bookram just to keep necklace intact)

5) Paste black cloth on bookram with fabric glue

6) Take a lace and stitch it at the end of necklace(either we can use sewing machine). I used sewing machine.


7) Now paste pearls in below fashion.

Note: Make sure holes are not visible for better looks.

8) Let it remain like that for 2-3 hours and settle it.

9) Cut out the extra fabric.

Your bib necklace is ready to wear and this will go along with plain t-shirts or dresses.


I will wear this with upcoming OOTD post.

Hope you guys liked this tutorial and will try it too.

I will come up with more designs soon.

Drop in any queries if you have. Thanks and Have a nice day!

Stay blessed, Stay happy.

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  1. That looks really beautiful with pearls on *drool* *woot* *woot* amazing work done *woot* *hifive* and waiting for you to show us in your ootd *happydance*

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