DIY : Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts

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Lately I’ve been obsessed with bath salts, especially making them. So don’t be alarmed if you see many bath salt recipes from me in the future. I truly feel these bath salts calm you down after a day of work, and I feel awesome after using them. Anything that is related to skin and bath attracts me. So I make my bath salts at home because making them is kind of addictive and therapeutic to me. Let’s get started with this simple DIY.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts7


DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts8

1. Epsom salt
2. Peppermint essential oil
3. Baking soda
4. Mint leaves [optional]


1. Measure out some epsom salt. I just made enough for myself.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts

2. Add in a teaspoon of baking soda.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts3

3. Add some peppermint oil. Again, to your liking. I like my bath water to smell cool and minty, so I
added a little extra.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts4

4. Mix everything well, especially the oil so that it gets distributed in the salt pretty well.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts5

5. At this point you can add your mint leaves, if you want. I think my peppermint oil did a good job, hence I skipped mint leaves.

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts6


1. Since we did not add any liquid to it, you can store this scrub in an airtight jar in your

2. You can adjust the amount of the ingredients as per your liking.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Epsom salt
It contains magnesium that gets easily absorbed by the body. It also helps in alleviating pain and in reducing inflammation. Epsom salt also contains sulphates that help in eliminating toxins from the body. Epsom salt also helps to soothe the body.

Baking powder

DIY Cooling Peppermint Bath Salts1

Since it is a natural anti-inflammatory and a mild antiseptic, it prevents acne, reduces blemishes and opens up your pores. It also absorbs excess oil from the skin.

Peppermint Essential oil

peppermint essential oil

It contains menthol which is known for its cooling properties. It also makes your skin brighter and controls acne. Also it doesn’t allow pore clogging and freshens you up.

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