Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Hey Ladies,

I do a lot of reading online. In the lack of a decent library and denial from shopkeepers to get you copies of some magazines every month, one is left with the choice of reading online. Earlier I hated it. I was so fixated on the idea of reading on paper that any decent article online would instantly be sent off to the printer, but then we had a dearth of printing paper and ink cartridges in Andamans and I decided to catch the bull by the horns 😛 I started reading online;  however, with the slow internet connection I manage to get, this has been an eye opener. A wide one! Internet is full of information and I love surfing blogs after blogs. During one such surfing expedition, I discovered the rage of using baking soda in daily beauty regime. I read a lot about it and thought of summing it all up in a post for my very dear IMBB. So, here we go.

Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Though for ages we have been using baking soda as a cleansing agent for refrigerators, microwaves and for floor, not many are aware that it can be used for body cleansing as well. I use it myself for many things and I am glad I made the move. For the sake of convenience, I store my baking soda in a small pot near my basin. That way, I never forget to use it!

Here are some beauty benefits of baking soda:

    • For whiter teeth: I am a live testimony of it. I have been using baking soda on and off for more than a year now and it has only done good to me. Whenever I feel my teeth are losing their natural whiteness or gathering a light yellow-ish layer, I run to my small pot of baking soda. I particularly use it in night. Just use a toothbrush that you generally use, apply toothpaste on it and dab a little soda. Brush as usual. Don’t be frightened by the frisky bubbles that you get, you would enjoy them later and you are done! Result – sparkling white teeth.
    • The Baking Spa: Add a little soda to your normal pedicure (or even manicure) procedure. Just add a tea spoon full of soda in the warm water that you use to dip your feet in and the soda will double up the effects of soaking. Or else, just mix a bit of soda with your foot scrub cream and start scrubbing. I do the latter and it does a better job than just the plain scrub.


    • Cleaner Combs: Oh yeah! This one’s my favourite. How do you wash your combs? I wash mine with my shampoo. I apply shampoo on a tooth brush, just the way I apply toothpaste, and start rubbing it on the comb. Just that, I also add baking powder to it! And my combs are always like the way they were when I had bought them.
    • Deodorizing Agent:  I use it deodorize my shoes and make up box (or any box you could say), but I have read that it can be used to deodorize human beings as well. Just dab a little powder under your arms and you are good to go. Or better still, apply a mix of lemon juice and baking soda under arms and let it act like a deodorant. I apply the mix before shower and it works very well.


  • As a face cleanser: Honestly, I have not tried it, but I read people vouching for its effectiveness on various online forums. I also remember somebody from IMBB once commented that she used baking soda as a scrub or cleanser and was quite happy with it. I am planning to start using it as a cleanser. It is said to treat acne very well, but a word of caution, use the quantity cautiously. First try the basic allergy test and then apply it on face.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Happy Baking (soda)!

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27 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

  1. wow! out of all those, i only knew about the tooth whitening one… rest are such good ideas! great article surabhi! 😀

  2. Great article, Surabhi! I have also read about baking soda being used in beauty recipes but never knew about the teeth whitening idea. Although my teeth are normal enough, they do lose their sparkle in winter when I drink way too much coffee to survive. I will try this trick December onward. 😀

    As for its cleansing properties, I once read on some blog about using it with honey to decrease its abrasive and drying properties. Never tried it yet because it’s too much of a hassle to go and hunt for it in my mum’s 98375874589 kitchen boxes. 😛

    1. Why was my comment rudely thrown into moderation? >.< *breaks into "Achha sila diya tune mere pyaar kaaaaa…" in a tone-deaf voice*

  3. very nice article Surbhi… i have read about using it for teeths and hair.. now i know many more ways to use it too…
    thanks for this article… 😀

  4. The granules are not suitable for acne and when I mix water, the consistency doesn’t satisfy me as a cleanser..but it is a good scrub. you can actually feel the difference after using it and it helped with my acne scars.

  5. I have used it as a face pack with egg white and it works beautifully to tighten n brighten 😀
    Great article Surabhi! Love the pedicure idea 😀

  6. i looooved the combs idea surabhi. I just soak my combs in a shampoo water and efter a while just clean tem with an old tooth brush. Great tips. 🙂

  7. Nice compilation Surabhi….even I read a lot and some people actually swear by this easy to use , reach and available multi purpose product 🙂

  8. i am so going to use this to clean my combs..

    basically depending on how dirty and greasy your hair has gotten just mix a pinch of it in your shampoo and add a spoon of water . then just concentrate this shampoo on your scalp for dandruff removal and on hair length if you want to get rid of product buildup.

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