DIY – Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack and Bar

By Soni Mishra

My skin type: dry and sensitive

Hey everyone,

My skin is very sensitive and I’ve been facing sun sensitivity for quite some time. My skin turns red and itchy if I remain in the sun for more than fifteen minutes. I am already consulting a dermatologist for the same and taking regular precautions. At times, my skin feels irritated due to harsh weather and I like to use this homemade soothing pack. You require just two ingredients to make this pack, and it is very easy to make. It helps in calming the skin irritations to some extent. Even though this is a homemade pack, please always check whether this will suit your skin by doing a patch test. I am using this pack for quite some time now and it has shown good results on my skin.

DIY - Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack and Bar

Things needed:

Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack Ingredients

⦁ ½ cup Cucumber pieces
⦁ 4 tbsp Oats
⦁ Blender
⦁ Ice tray (Optional)


DIY - Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack and Bar Procedure

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⦁ Wash the cucumber using warm water to get rid of any dirt or chemicals. Roughly cut it into pieces.
⦁ Put the cucumber pieces and oats into a blender and make a smooth paste out of it. Check the consistency of the paste; if you feel you need a thicker paste you may add more oats. Sometimes it depends on how juicy the cucumber is. I got a perfect consistency.
⦁ Wash the face using a face wash or cleanser. Splash some warm water over face; this helps in opening up the pores. Or just dab a towel dipped in warm water over your face.
⦁ Apply the pack evenly all over face and neck using a brush or finger. Avoid eye areas.

⦁ Let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash your face after 20 minutes and follow up with toner and moisturiser. I apply aloe vera gel as it helps in reducing the redness further.
DIY - Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack

Another thing which I like doing with this paste is making cubes out of it. I like to do a nice massage on my face when my face turns red due to sun sensitivity. It helps in reducing the itchiness and redness and soothes the skin. Oats has anti-inflammatory properties and cucumber is known for soothing the skin. Therefore I like to use the cubes of this paste on my skin.

How to make the face pack bars:

DIY - Cucumber and Oats Soothing Face Pack Bar

⦁ Take an ice tray or any mould you would like to use. I have used the cupcake moulds as I wanted the cubes to be a bit larger or whatever you call them.
⦁ Pour the paste in into the moulds and let it freeze for 4-5 hours.
⦁ Now, whenever you wish to massage the face, take out the tray and let it thaw for a minute.
⦁ Take out the ice pack and gently massage all over your face.
⦁ While massaging, make sure that the motion is upwards. Do not massage with a lot of pressure as this will irritate the skin. And, we are done!

Hope you all will find this post useful. 🙂

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