DIY Lace Hairband

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I have a new found respect for people that do DIY tutorials. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures while creating the DIY item?

Really really hard. (either that, or I’m just an idiot. I’m willing to bet my money on the second one)

Moving on.
I was at a swanky hotel one time, and I saw an Indian version of Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl). The resemblance was uncanny. Blazer, tiny skirt, hair band, the whole bit. I fell in love with her hair band. It was a shiny black with some sort of fine print. On closer inspection I realized it was lace.
*Light bulb*
Here is the one I made. It’s a shiny black, hard shell hair band with black floral lace.

HairBand (1)

The inside is felt. I don’t like the little grooves on the bottom of most hair bands, they hurt my scalp. Solution: felt.
What you’ll need:

  • Hard shell hair band, preferably shiny
  • Lace
  • Felt
  • Scotch tape
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker


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For the tutorial I’m going to use a pink hair band, it’ll be easier to show you what I did on pink. You could of course use any color. I like black the most, but red lace on a red hair band looks pretty great too.

1. First measure your hair band in length and add 1 inch for lace length

HairBand (3)

Measured length= 15in
Lace length= 15+1
Measuring the width is a little trickery since hair bands are usually wider in the middle and taper towards the end. Measure the widest part if you like (I usually eyeball this) and mark about ½ an inch wider lace than the hair band.
Cut the lace according to your measurements.
2. Now hold the lace in place

HairBand (4)

3. And secure it with Scotch tape on the inside.

HairBand (5)

4. Outline the hair band on the felt and cut

HairBand (6)

5. Hold the hair band and the felt together, make sure that you can’t see any of the felt from outside. If you can, trim the felt a little. Next, apply fabric glue to the felt and secure it in place on the inside of the hair band.

HairBand (6)

Make sure the felt is properly in place, otherwise move it while the glue is still wet. Press down firmly.

HairBand (7)

HairBand (8)

HairBand (9).jpg

All done! Now you have a Hard Shell Lace Hair Band (that does NOT scratch your scalp)

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13 thoughts on “DIY Lace Hairband

  1. Bhargavi … good one : -) .. glad this one doesn’t hurt … and looks pretyy too … i love black lace stuff 🙂

    1. It doesn’t hurt a bit! I avoided hairbands for so long because I couldn’t find the plain ones.
      Thanks, Nidhi! So glad you like it 🙂

  2. Cool Bhargavi
    I love anything and everything that has lace… 😀 I had planned to make a lace hairband for myself.. I will make one now..

    Kudos for the tutorial it is quite a task to take pics while handling glue and scissors and what not.. 🙂 Oh I am just wondering how is it that pink color not seen under the lace in the last piccy?

    1. Hi there, Dipti! So glad I could inspire you to make your own lace hairband 🙂
      I made two hairbands, one black and one pink. I thought it might be difficult to see what I’m doing with black lace on a black hairband, so I took pictures for the tutorial with the pink one. Its really only so that you can see better. The final picture is what it’s actually supposed to look it, black on black.

  3. wow.. thanx for this easy tute dear.. 🙂 am saving all diys for my baby.. let her grow up and experience fun of making lil things of joy wid junk stuff on her own.. 🙂

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