Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water Review

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How are you doing today? I am back again to share with you a beauty hack from one of my favorite brands – “Dr. Jart.” I have tried a few of their products and find them decent for my problematic skin type as they don’t break me out nor cause any irritation on my skin. Recently, I tried their innovative makeup remover called Dermaclear Micro Water today. Oh yes, this is not any ordinary makeup remover, but it has active hydrogen water which removes impurities and makeup resulting in smooth skin texture with regular usage. As always, they have done a wonderful job with this product, though I feel it may disappoint in removing waterproof eye makeup. So, let’s read more about Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water!

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

$32 for 8.4 Oz, excludes shipping and tax.


cleansing water

  • Active Hydrogen Water: Provides deep cleansing to remove impurities.
  • Galactomyces: Smooths and improves skin texture.
  • Yeast Fermentation Extract: Provides antioxidant protection.
  • Sepicalm VG (Patented Ingredient): Brightens and tones.

What it is:  A pure and natural all-in-one cleansing water that removes makeup and impurities while toning and brightening skin.

What it is formulated to do:  Dermaclear Micro Water is made with 85 percent active hydrogen mineral water instead of refined water and is formulated with 90 percent natural ingredients. This unique formula allows it to remove all impurities, makeup, and even mascara without irritation while it provides nutrients and superior moisturizing. Suitable for hypersensitive skins, the Derma Toning Complex leaves a fresh, clean feeling while toning and brightening.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

My Experience with Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water:

The micro water comes in a transparent bottle packaging with screw over cap and narrow opening, nothing fascinating though. It does have a pleasant mild smell which wouldn’t bother even sensitive noses.  Overall, I find it quite travel friendly.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

Dermaclear Micro Water is like any other ordinary watery makeup remover and I was a bit doubtful about its tall claims at first! But to my surprise, it works really well for my face makeup and also is gentle on my acne-prone problematic skin type. However, I see that it’s mild for my eye makeup; I mean it does not remove the mascara or waterproof eyeliner efficiently, but it does remove every trace of primer and foundation off my face with gentle massaging.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

Moreover, I myself am a bit hesitant to use this hydrogen water close to the water line or eyes since I fear it might irritate or sting, even though that has never happened. I am more comfortable with oil or Sephora Eye Makeup Remover. Hence, I limit its usage to my face where it works very well, it removes every single layer of face makeup with gentle massaging! There are times when I have used a luminous glittery foundation on my skin which often leaves behind shimmer on my skin, but this micro water clears off those shimmery particles and I can feel squeaky clean skin, that too without any rubbing or scrubbing.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

This also simplifies my bedtime routine since I often feel exhausted by the end of the day and washing off the makeup is a big task.  I just need to wipe my face with this makeup remover and most of the times, I sleep without rinsing it off as it has been clearly mentioned as a rinse-free formula. In fact, since the brand claims that it helps in refining skin texture, I wanted to know the effects by keeping it on my skin and I do get soft and smooth skin in the morning.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

But the issue with this cleanser is that it leaves a shiny and tacky layer on the skin which does need rinsing off, so it’s suitable for bedtime only. Personally, I do not like that shiny and sticky feel on the skin and hence I often rinse it off irrespective of whether it’s daytime or bedtime.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

I am impressed to see that it does not accentuate oily skin issues and does not dry out my skin. It has not aggravated acne-prone skin issues. But then, I cannot deny the fact that it comes up at a hefty price, that too when there’s a need to use a separate makeup remover for eyes. Still, I would like to recommend it to beauties who are totally into face makeup, it will definitely work for you without any issues.

Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water

Personally, I might skip it since this bottle will last me for quite a long time and also because I always look out for fresh launches, but it is definitely good for every skin including sensitive and acne-prone skin types.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water:

  • Lightweight hydrogen mineral water-based makeup remover infused with beneficial ingredients like pearl powder, royal jelly extract, etc.
  • Mild on sensitive and acne-prone skin types.
  • A few generous drops on a cotton works in removing every single trace of primer, foundation, concealer, and even glittery makeup from the face.
  • Decent enough in removing mild eye makeup.
  • Does not sting or irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Does not aggravate oily skin concerns, does not dry out the skin.
  • Leaves my skin refreshed, clean, and refined.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water:

  • Pricey.
  • It is not meant for removing eye makeup.
  • It leaves my skin a bit shiny post usage and that needs to be rinsed off.
  • Not completely natural.

Well, I honestly feel that Dr. Jart did a wonderful job with their concept of using makeup remover on skin which also refines and clears the skin in the long run.  Overall, it is great for removing face makeup and hence a must try for everyone despite the minor cons.

IMBB Rating:
I rate it 4.4/5!

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