Draping is the New Contouring

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Please don’t curse me if you’ve just got a hold of contouring and I tell you to forget it. Because draping is taking the place of contouring. Draping was initially introduced by makeup artist Way Bandy in 1980’s. And now when it is becoming the latest buzz of the makeup world, we must know the A to Z of it on our favourite blog IMBB. This post has some basic questions and their answers which will unlock the mystery of Draping for all the beginners. Let’s begin.

draping technique

What is Draping?

Draping means applying blush across the natural hollows of your cheeks to give you a very defined and statement making look. You get a more sculpted young look than what you get after contouring.

How is it done?

draping face chart

One light and one dark shade of blush are used to create a dimension and contour-highlight desired cheeks areas. Minus the brown toned contour products, when you only use different shades of blush, it looks more natural. Basically, the darker shade is used to bring the ‘chisel’ or ‘hollowness’ of cheeks and lighter to blend in order to create a seamless natural look.

Are there some specific products we need to do Draping?

marc jacobs air blush

Yes, there are. Like some latest blush duos by Marc Jacobs called Air Blush Soft Glow Duo. However, you can always use existing blushes in your vanity. They just need to belong to the same colour and undertone family.

What are the rules for Draping?

Draping steals the cardinal rule of contouring. Blend blend and blend. If you won’t, you might end up having clown cheeks and that’s totally awful we all know. According to Marc Jacobs – the reviver of “Draping”, you need to apply darker shade just below the apples of your cheeks, low on the face to counterbalance the roundness and create a visual oval.

Criticism this Draping thing got!

Every new trend gets some sort of criticism from makeup critics all over the world. But wait, draping is not new. At least, that’s what a part of makeup fraternity feels. It’s a makeup technique from ‘60s and ‘70s.

Makeup brushes needed for Draping?

blush brush

Any angled blush brush for the application of darker blush and a smaller flatter blush brush to apply highlighting or lighter blush shade. A fluffy blush brush has to be used in order to blend these two in order to create a soft natural look.

Why do we need Draping?

• It looks more natural than contouring.
• It gives a youthful look.
• It has a fresh vibe to it.
• Your complexion doesn’t look muddy.
• Mimics the natural flushed cheeks look.
• To move on from Kim K’s contouring trend…hihi!

So, take out your blushes and start playing with them to get a hold of “Draping” before anyone else. For summer and spring seasons, “Draping” is going to be a better option than contouring because it lifts up your complexion. All you need to be careful about is, not ending up with just pink cheeks and an unbalanced face. Blend well and see compliments coming all day long when you “Drape”.

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  1. Whoa! This is mindblowing. I had no idea. I thought you were gonna talk about draping clothes right so that your body looks chiseled. 😛 I really liked this technique, though. I love anything and everything that adds definition to my face. 🙂 Great article.

  2. Exactly Anshu, it looks prettier than heavy contour look. I have tried this technique, it looks more natural and fresh on skin. And with the time it never looks messy like dark contouring. Totally love this new trend.

  3. Aww first pic is so beautiful.. <3 Anshu you and everyone here put so much efforts in updating us with latest beauty skills technology what not 🙂 Thank you gals for such worth reading and knowledgeable posts.. 🙂 way to go gals

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