What is Sandbagging Makeup Technique?

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Makeup trends and techniques evolve from time and time. We are always hearing about new makeup trends and different techniques. Today, I will tell you about one such technique. So let’s get started.
What is Sand Bagging Makeup Technique

What is sandbagging?

Do you know what sand bags are for? Well, they form a barrier around an area to protect it from flooding. This technique is somewhat on the lines of this only! Sandbagging is the latest makeup contouring trend taking over the internet. Sandbagging is all about creating a long-lasting effect of the makeup that you have applied and keep that in place. Sandbagging also ensures that your eye makeup and lipstick won’t melt outside the lines.

Who made this technique popular?

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic gave a step-by-step guide on how to sandbag using the reality star as his model on Instagram and this trend caught on from there only.

What products do you need to sandbag?

You don’t need too many products when it comes to sandbagging. All you need is a makeup sponge, a brush and some loose powder.

How to sandbag?

• Apply foundation and concealer as you normally would.
• Next, dip your sponge into the loose powder and begin dabbing it right under your waterline making sure the area is completely covered in a thick layer. Be sure to get as close to the edge of your lash line as possible to ensure every area is protected.
• You can do the same for the area under your lips, again ensuring there is a thick layer of powder around. Then leave it there as you apply the rest of your makeup.
• While you do your makeup, the powder will absorb the oils in your skin and form a barrier that oils and creams won’t be able to pass.
• After finishing off your complete makeup, simply brush off the excess powder and you are done.

Which kind of skin type is best to experiment with sand-bagging?

This technique works best if you have oily skin as it will keep your face oil-free for longer intervals and will keep your makeup from smudging or creasing.

How is baking your face different from sand-bagging technique?

In baking, one needs to apply a thick coat of translucent powder to the forehead, the bridge of nose, underneath eyes, or just below jaw line. This powder absorbs heat from the skin and then it is blended with a brush after few minutes. The effect brightens up the face and smoothes the makeup. While sandbagging is about preventing makeup smears and giving an oil-free face.

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