Dresses for Heavy Women

Having a heavy body doesn’t mean you need to dress with limited options and hide in layers so that you don’t look unfit. Fat isn’t ugly. But, it is always tough to choose the best type of dresses that’ll suit you. No matter what your body shape is, it is actually a difficult process to go through 100 choices and choose dresses that will actually look good on you. Are you looking for the best dress styles that suit women with heavy body? Here’s a guide!

Dresses for Heavy Women

Kaftan dresses

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Besides the kaftan style that we observe in tunics, jackets and tops, kaftan dresses are quite popular, too. They can be called free-flowing and thus they do not really hug your body. They’re flowy and do not expose your body. It is advised to go for mid-length sleeves. The sleeves should preferably be loose.

Shirt dresses

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Shirt dresses, too, look good on heavy women. They are one of a kind, especially the ones with checks. Though floral designs also look good, shirt dresses with checks are more popular. Always choose full sleeves and cuff the sleeves into half. The lowermost hemline should, preferably, be flowing outwards.

Shift dresses

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Most shift dresses come with loose sleeves. Though they cannot be called free-flowing, they do not hug your body either, hence they’re perfect for heavy women. You should opt for cotton or rayon fabrics when choosing your shift dress.

Tent dresses

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No, you’re no going to look like a tent – as the name suggests. The neck has a fit yet elastic support and the remaining parts of the dress remain flowing downwards. Tent dresses look best on heavy bodied women. You can pair a sleeveless tent dress up with a jacket. Also, boots look good with tent dresses.

A-Line dresses

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An A-line dress is generally fitted upto a point and then it widens. So basically, this type of dress would be a good choice if you do not have a toned belly. A cotton A-line dress looks good on everyone.

If you have a heavy body, it doesn’t mean that you need to limit your options. But it is necessary that you choose the right material, like cotton or rayon, that won’t stick to your skin. Plus, opt for your perfect size – nothing too tight or loose. Choose vertical and smaller prints as much as possible. Which is your favourite type of dress? How do you style it? Share with us in the comments below.

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