Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray: Tease, Spell & Blush

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray: Tease, Spell & Blush

Engage offers an invigorating range of deodorants comprising three pairs – Rush  & Blush , Mate  & Spell  and Urge  & Tease- expressing the inherent need of couples to Engage in playful chemistry.


INr 160 each.

Out of the ones mentioned above, the following three are for women, and I think there are total of 6 for both.I picked one up while I was shopping for groceries and I loved it so much that I went back and picked up the other two variants as well, so now I have all three variants they have come out with, I will define each and then you can choose what you like, but I insist you try these.

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray Tease Spell  &Blush

Product Claims: Engage by ITC range of fresh and irresistible fragrance. Let the chemistry between you and your partner sizzle 24 hours. Go and play!

Directions To Use:

rati beauty ad

Shake well. Hold the can 15 cm away from the body and spray.

Ingredients :

Propellent, Ethyly Alcohol, Fragrance, Butylene Glycol, Diethyl phthalate, Triclosan.


160 INR

Shelf Life:

36 months from manufacturing date.

The can is huge and I think the whole packaging is pretty nice, and nothing OTT or catchy but still the colors are inviting,personally I hated the TV commercial so much that I have to switch channels, I would have never picked up the deos after watching those, but I happened to sniff the pink one at the grocery store and I was instantly in love with the rosey smell after a long time, when I wore it, it lasted whole day long and even the next morning I could sniff the rosy smell in my underarms:p impressive!

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray Tease, Spell & Blush (3)

The pink can: Blush:

This one is my fav, which made me pick up the others too, I am not a rose person but somehow this deo smelt all sweet rosy and I am addicted to it not, it is gentle and soft but I wont say overpowering,one spray is enough and it does not burn at all, of course I never use deos on freshly waxed armpits but still I think this is pretty gentle. The spray lasted me the whole day literally, I wore it in the morning after a shower when I go to drop my daughter to nursery school, I smell fresh rose like till the afternoon, and by night I can still bury my face into the skin and smell roses, it gives me total body odor control and I haven’t been sweating lately due to the pleasant weather but yes I think this has reduced the little sweat that might have been…so if you are into floral rosy fragrances, this is the best deo you might have tried!

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray Tease, Spell & Blush (2)

The blue can: Spell

This one is a fresh marine aquatic fragrance, again heavy for a deo like the above one, this is awesome too and very fresh, but still you can say it has these base notes that are floral, I dont know why I am saying that but all in all good one, it does not sting.It lasts well but not as good as the above one, you can smell it on for half a day and not more but still way better than other deos, so go for this one if you are into fresh aquatic floral ones.

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray Tease, Spell & Blush (5)

The yellow can:Tease

This one is a citrus one, so we have all three, floral, aquatic and citrus but unfortunately this one is my least fav, as it has some kind of bitter lemon fragrance, I love orang cirtus fragrances in this case,it is not so, it does feel that concentrated as the above and hence lasts barely three hours, more of gas than fragrance 😛 I was hoping it would be a great citrus one like the above.

Engage Bodylicious Deo Spray Tease, Spell & Blush (4)

They are a little heavy to be carried around, and the cap also comes off every now and then so I lost the pink cap, I am really bad with cap, and open wardrobes, and doors, somehow I never close them 😛 but thankfully the blue and the yellow caps are intact. The deos are more concentrated in terms of fragrances than many others I have tried.

I recommend, the pink one to rose lovers,the blue one to sweet aqua fresh fragrance lovers and the yellow say, I would say citrus lovers please sniff and buy, Overall, I will be repurchasing these because they last pretty long, smell great, cut down sweat a bit (not really an antiperpirant) and come in pretty can. The Yardley ones sting me a hell lot and these do not, so I can say these are gentle enough. Recommended!

IMBB Rating:

Blush: 5/5

Spell: 4/5

Tease: 3/5


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  1. I so love d blue wala, I use it very often. Love d packaging with attractive colors. *happydance* *happy dance*
    Awesome pics behalf,gr8 review *clap*

  2. I am getting blush *happy dance* *happy dance* you know i saw this pink bottle and decided to buy it and saw a 5/5 yooooooo *hifive* *hifive* *pompom*

  3. would try one next time *haan ji* *haan ji*
    well the raunchy ad was quite off putting *chudail* wonder what they were thinking…its just a deo rofl rofl *hihi*

  4. 🙂 i think blush is worth trying after reading your review..
    p.s – plz do a skin care routine.. if you can.. *shy*

  5. wow never heard of engage.. *pompom* At such price its totally a steal.. am definitely spreading this news to every gal in my family.. *oye balle* *jogging*

  6. I am in love with the pink one. I actually bought it because the underlying fragrance simulates that of my man’s cologne. As he had to travel a lot these days I bought it. Applying it makes me feelthat he is around me. 😛 😛

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