Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum Review

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I am going crazy over nail care this month. I have purchased loads of nail care products and I also bought a nail care system from Scholl (review is coming up soon), thanks to IMBB sponsor scheme. I have been trying to make my nails stronger and longer and in that quest, I had picked up the nail care serum from Essence.  Here’s the review for you all 🙂

Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum

Product Description:
Super serum! The nail serum with moisturizing glycerin and vitamin E nourishes the nails and supports natural nail growth for beautiful, long nails. The soft, scented formula is easy to apply thanks to the flock applicator and is absorbed quickly without leaving behind an oily film. Simply apply on the natural nail and let it absorb.
€1.99 for 8 ml.

Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum details at the back

My Experience with Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum:

I usually apply Vitamin E oil on my nails after a manicure and massage my nails. I have used repairing oil and it was good. I was looking for something similar and this serum caught my attention. I picked it up as it contained vitamin oil. The nail serum looks like a nail polish. It has a glass jar and a white plastic cap with the applicator. The flock applicator looks like a lip gloss applicator.

Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum packaging

The nail serum is light pink in color and smells sweet. The serum is thick gel like and also looks like a lip gloss. The applicator is curved and thus it helps a lot when applying the nail serum near the edges and over the cuticle. I massage the nail with the same applicator while application. The nail serum also gets absorbed quickly, in around 30 seconds. Usually, most of the cuticle butters are greasy and at times, I do not like them at all! As it is quickly absorbing, I do not feel any residue sitting on my nail and within a few seconds, I can get back to what I was doing.

Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum open

The application wouldn’t even take 2 minutes and if you are really in a hurry with a manicure, this can come to the rescue. The serum doesn’t leave a greasy film too, your nails look natural. I have used this every day for 10 days and I can clearly see the difference. My nails are growing faster compared to earlier. I usually keep my right hand nails short and I trim it once in 2 weeks, but this time, it was already that length in 8 days. So, I can be assured that the serum really helps in nail growth. It contains Jojoba, sweet almond oil and this helps moisturize and hydrate my nails and also the area around my nails. The serum helps in growth but it doesn’t provide any benefit for damaged nails. I have noticed that if I have nails peeling, it remains and as the nail grows it makes it worse. So, if you want something for repairing the nails, this product is not for you. So, summing up:

Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum swatch

Pros of Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum:

  • Helps in nail growth.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the nails.
  • Quickly absorbed.
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy residue.
  • Applicator makes it easier for application near the edges.
  • Easily affordable.

Cons of Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum:

  • Doesn’t repair nails.
  • Availability in India.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Serum?
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