Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review



Product Description:
Quattro eyeshadow – Quattro styles. Different textures ranging from silky shimmering to intensive shine ensure unlimited creativity with your eye makeup. Perfectly aligned shades, excellent color-dispersion and long-lasting results make the Quattro eyeshadow an absolute favorite!

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review4

INR 349 for 5 grams.

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review1

My Experience with Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow:

Packaging: The eyeshadow quad comes in a medium sized, rounded and transparent case. The top lid is a see through one and the brand name is printed in large black fonts over it, which looks really nice. The lid shuts close with a click sound, which ensures that it’s tightly closed. The shadows are placed in separate circular pans and the shape very much looks like overlapping circles, this unique shape of the eyeshadow quad makes the look attractive and more chic.

One can find the shade name and ingredients at the backside of the case. The quad doesn’t come with an applicator; it would have been easier to use the eyeshadow on the go that way. Overall, the packaging is compact and quite sturdy, which makes this eyeshadow quad travel friendly.

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review

Shades: The first shade of this quad is a highlighting, metallic, silvery-white color. This is best to use under the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. The second shade is a moderately shimmery lilac shade. This quad consist a black shade which is really apt to do a purple black kind of smokey eye look. The third shade is a shimmery metallic gray color. This shade can be use on the one third part of the eyelids for a bright eyed look, or can be used with the black shade for a smokey eye effect.

The fourth color is a pure black color with visible silver shimmers to it. The black is not a jet black, and is not very pigmented like the other shades, which is good as the medium pigmentation gives control over how much intensity is needed and one can build it up depending on their choice.

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review2

Texture and Finish: The shadows are quite smooth and soft in texture. They are quite easily blendable. They are not at all dry and powdery, chalky or feel gritty. There are no large chunks of shimmers in it. All the shadows except the darkest color of this quad have a pearlescent and satiny finish. The issue with darker shade is that it feels quite inky in consistency. And, requires quite an effort to blend it in nicely. But, due to the smooth and satiny consistency of the shadows, there is minimal fall out during application.

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review3

Pigmentation: The shadows are pigmented on their own, but look very dry and less pigmented on eyelids when worn without a primer. A good primer base is needed to make the colors appear prominently on eyelids and this also prevents creasing of the colors. The black is the least pigmented shade, but no doubt it can be layered on according to one’s choice.

Staying Power: I hadn’t expected this from Essence. The shadows don’t give satisfactory wear time without any primer base; it needs something to stick on to. And with a primer, they give average wear time of 3-4 hours without creasing anyway. Without a primer , they crease badly and don’t show up prominently. Other shadows of this brand tend to stay put without any primer.

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review5

Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow Review6

Pros of Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow:

• Packaging is sleek and attractive
• Different looks can be created using all the shades
• Texture of the shadows is quite smooth and satiny
• At least three of them are easily blendable
• I think the quad is suitable for oily eyelids

Cons of Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow:

• The darkest shade is inky in texture and is not easily blendable
• The darkest color is least pigmented
• Appears dry and powdery over eyelids without any primer
• Not really suitable for dry eyelids
• Creases without a primer
• Doesn’t lasts very long without a primer
• Shades are very common
• Two of the shades look almost the same
• No applicator is provided

IMBB Rating:
I thought of giving it a three, but then I thought it deserves even less!

Will I Recommend Essence XOXO Quattro Eyeshadow?
No, I am not really recommending this eyeshadow quad to anyone. The colors in this quad are so common and the pigmentation of the all the colors aren’t great either. The texture and consistency of the darkest color is inky and the two lighter colors appear almost the same. All these things make this quad a complete failure for me!

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  1. Supriya, welcome back, missed you 🙂 Nice clicks, I can clearly see the texture of the eyeshadows through the pics 🙂

  2. The shades look very attractive and useful in the pan. Funny how the darkest shade is least pigmented. 😛 I have two eyeshadows from Essence and they are superb, not like this one.

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