Fab Bag Feb 2015 Bag – Valentine’s Day Special

fab bag valentines day bag

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Hope you guys must have received your Feb’s Fab Bag. Here’s what I received in mine!!

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Here’s my review and first impressions of this month bag.

Okay take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous heart shaped bag. As cliched it may sound I just wish it were in a shade of red or pink.

fab bag valentines day bag feb 2015

Kama’s Mridul Cleanser and Night Cream : Both of these are my all time favourite products. I always love these travel size jars and I’d be travelling for a wedding in the coming week. Totally taking these with me. You may read detailed reviews of Kama’s Soap Free Cleanser HERE and Night Cream HERE 

Fab Bag bag kama

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum : I have never used Livon before but I probably remember that Livon was actually the first one who introduced us to the whole world of serums.  I have used this serum a couple of times and I have to say that it is not impressive at taming the frizz. But what it does is quite amazing. It detangles the hair like magic. I mean I can run my fingers through wet hair and it totally prevents all the tangles you get after the wash. So that’s what I have been using it for regularly. It also has a sunscreen filter, which I think is brilliant. I haven’t come across many hair care products that have a UV filter. Totally taking it on the beach though. Does what it claims. Super surprised and happy with this one. 🙂

A detailed review is HERELivon silky serum D84A8916 La Color Lip Couture Forbidden : My most fav color from the bag. 🙂 It’s a deep neon pink lipstick. Suuuuuper matte, suuupper long lasting, non transferable, kiss proof, smudge proof and damn pigmented. On swipe and you’d almost be left overwhelmed with the intensity of the color!

The only downside is that it could be drying and could accentuate every single line on your lips. These are best applied either on top of a lip liner and definitley on top of a lip balm.

I am obsessed. The color and the crazy long staying formula is totally up my alley.

These are liquid lipsticks and come with an applicator. If you smell the color on the applicator these have a strange smell to them but there is absolutely no taste or fragrance when you apply them.

They would only come off with an oil based makeup remover. 😀


la splash forbidden la splash forbidden lip coloro fab-bag-pink1

Sally Hansen Nail Paint in Practical Plum : This is the only product I haven’t tried as yet because I am giving break to my nails from nail paints. But I love Sally Hansen Nail Paints. I got it in shade practical plum.It’s a warm plummish shade with magenta sheen all over. Can’t wait to try it. Review HERE

Sally hansen nail paint fab-bag-feb-bag And a romantic naughty Fab Post to go with the theme! 😀 fab post

Overall, abosoluteeeellly in love with this bag. It goes with these whole theme of Valentines. Obsessed with the lipstick, love the Kama products and Livon serum was a lovely surprise.

For all the boys who read IMBB, gift it to your girls for Valentines’ Day. They’d love it. Ahem! 😀

You may buy your Fab Bag from HERE

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32 thoughts on “Fab Bag Feb 2015 Bag – Valentine’s Day Special

        1. Oh I think u lost ur yadaash jolmol :P…send both d bags to me….anyway u wont need them now na….make up wake up sab moh maya hai *evilgrin*

  1. Gorgeous u look !! Yup livon was the one to introduce us to hair serums…..overall its a beautiful collection of products 🙂

  2. You look Hot Rati! Lovely plc! Have I ever told you that i love your eyebrows. It must be great to have naturally full brows – mine are so sparse, i could cry!

    As to Livon, I have been using the original formula since the time it launched. It seriously is the best detangler and a boon to people with long hair. I gave it to my dad and now even he is addicted – he has long hair – I am a sardar! Clarifying, Just in case it sounds weird to the readers. 😉

      1. haha!! i laughed out so loud reading your comment , K. It’s so cute!! 😀

        You know I tried that livon so many time to actually believe that a serum can do something like this. 😀

        awww! i got my brows from my mom. Just got lucky i guess. But now toh we are in age where we have a plethora of products unlike earlier times where the only option was that dreaded lakme black eyebrow pencil.:D 😀

          1. 😉

            Ya! ThankGod for the brow powders, gels and pencils!! I remember my mom used to use that black Lakme pencil and it used to look so artificial and horrible! I never paid attention to my brows till i did a tutorial with MAC Pro and they filled out my brows and i saw the sudden change. And it was the MAC SA who told me never to apply black but go with deep brown instead. There has been no looking back since then!

  3. Woww….such awesome products! Thinking of buying Kama cleanser since long but could never make the decision. Good finally will get a sample size to try and make my mind.

    You looking super pretty in neon pink lippie! Wish I get the same shade in my bag!

  4. Gud morning. U r looking very pretty rati ma,am.all the products r very tempting.I m going to order it now.but ma’am I have a question that does all the stuff remain same to every buyer or it change for different place.it will be my first bag.

    1. Hi neha,

      you fill up a form when you subscribe to a fabbag. and they send you products according to your profile. I mostly get products that are more suited for dry skin etc..Hope that helps and hope you have a great experience with their bags 🙂

  5. I just received the fabbag.. I got bio bloom hair cleanser and oil instead of Sally Hansen nail paint 🙁
    I was badlyexpecting that one In my #fabbag. You know expectations hurt :'( 😛

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