Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Review

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Here comes April and brings in the warmth of summer. It is extremely important to protect our skin from tanning and from the harmful rays. While I mostly rely on the face packs that come from the kitchen ingredients, I was convinced and happy to pick the Fab India Radiance and Hydrating Kesar Chandan Face wash.

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Review

INR 250 for 120ml
Shelf life: 3 years.

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Price

Product Description:
What Fab India Says:
Made with Kesar extracts, this mild hydrating facewash cleanses and detoxifies the skin while it helps to retain the natural moisture of the skin. Radiance and Hydrating Kesar Chandan Face wash for All Skin Type

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Ingredients

How to Use:
Gently work up the lather with a circular motion on the wet face. Wash off and pat dry. Avoid contact with eyes.

My Experience with Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash:

Let me start with the packaging. It’s opaque white colored tube that has a flip cap. The tube has a tinge of gold color words and beautiful picture of kesar and chandan. I am not very satisfied with the opaque white colored packaging that Fab India has got as I get a feel of clinic or medicinal stuff. However, I did hear from the staff that Fab India has plans of changing its packaging back to transparent ones based on the feedback from customers.

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Packaging

The face wash is a transparent colored one which is little thicker than water but still has flowing consistency. It smells of fresh chandan. As the ingredient list states that it has kesar extracts, I did not find any kesar strands as such. It lathers quite well and does not leave my skin dry or stretched. I love the mild fragrance of Chandan that it leaves on my skin which vanishes in a couple of minutes. I have tried their haldi chandan variants in the past and this one has been equally nice.

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Nozzle

The price is soothing to the pocket and the sandal wood and kesar extracts are sure to impart required cooling along with the anti-aging benefits to keep our face nice and glowing in the hot summer. I would say that I am all set and prepared for the summer with this face wash. It is easily available and I would definitely want all you beautiful girls to try it on.

Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash Hand Swatch

Pros of Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash:

  • Easily available and affordable.
  • Flip cap tube packing that is practical and travel-friendly.
  • Soothing benefits and fragrance of sandalwood and kesar.
  • Leaves skin clean and supple.

Cons of Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash:

  • None.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Do I Recommend Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash?

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