Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil

Hello lovely ladies!

Summers have always been a curse for my skin and this summer was no exception. For all these years derma prescriptions have worked well for me but this time I became resistant to all those antibiotics and clindamycin! So I threw away all those prescription drugs and made up my own skincare regime (and its working like a miracle for me!) Since tea tree oil has marked its strong presence in the acne arena I had to incorporate it! I had my eyes on TBS but Shivani S has given a thumbs down to it on IMBB so I settled down with fab india. Let’s find out whether it’s worth a try?

FabIndia Tea Tree Essential Oil

Price: Rs 245 for 10ml

Packaging: The oil comes in a 10ml deep blue glass bottle with screw cap. I appreciate the dropper system provided which makes it quite convenient because essential oils are something you use in exact quantities.

Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil

My take on Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil:

I usually buy skin care products after a lot of online research, but tea tree oil is something which had mixed reviews. Some people raved about its efficacy, some called it bathroom shelf antiseptic equal to savlon, and a few of them even had side effects! Still I decided to take the plunge. I gathered all the relevant information and came up with the conclusion to use it as a night treatment.

For first week I used just 2 drops of it for my entire face and followed with night cream. From 2nd week onwards I used 1 drop each as a spot treatment on my active acne and mixed 2-3 drops in my night cream. I also mixed 1-2 drops of it in my face pack everyday. The oil started showing its effect quite early on me! There was a noticeable reduction in acne size and they dried up within 2-3 days without leaving behind any scar. Though it does nothing to already existing acne scars. Within a month it almost dried up all my puss filled pimples. I won’t say this was the sole torch bearer for my acne…. But yes it did play an important role!

Fab India Tea Tree EssentialOil

The bottle also mentions it to use for dandruff and nasal congestion. I haven’t tried it on my scalp yet but I did use it in my steamer twice to relieve congestion. And it worked just the way vicks works…. So no brownie points for that except that it made me shed more tears than vicks does!

Few words of caution before you use tea tree oil be it from any brand-

• The bottle clearly says ‘use sparingly’ and please do follow that! I used 4 drops for the first time and it burnt like hell! My cheeks were on fire and eyes were watering like anything! I would suggest to start with just 1-2 drops, let your skin and eyes adapt to it and then gradually increase the quantity.
• Avoid your eye area! Totally!
• It smells terrible! I won’t say offensive but it’s very strong!
• Always do a patch test before applying directly to your face.

Fab India TeaTree Essential Oil

Pros of Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil:

• Extremely effective for drying out active acne
• The dried out acne does not leave behind scars
• Multiple uses (use it as a night serum, mix it in your day moisturizer, face packs, for chest congestion, dandruff relief)
• It may be an ‘oil’ but it’s not at all ‘oily’ (you need to follow up with a moisturiser)
• Inexpensive
• A little goes a long way!

Fab India Tea TreeEssential Oil

Cons of Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil:

• Does nothing for old acne scars
• It burns in the initial few uses (your skin and eyes need time to adapt to it)
• Strong smell
• Unavailability! It’s not available online and most of the times out of stock in stores

Do I recommend? I strongly recommend to give this one a try on your cystic acne. It has worked well for me!

Will I buy it again? Definitely! I am almost done with my second bottle and the hunt for third bottle is on. If anybody finds it in any of the fab india delhi stores please do share.


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12 thoughts on “Fab India Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

  1. This seems a very good product.. Parul might I know which night cream do you use? And Sindhu any tips for acne control pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    1. sital right now i’m using tea tree blemish fade night lotion from TBS. but my next purchase would be vichy’s…. have read some really positive reviews about its normaderm range.

  2. Nice review Parul…I didn’t know fabindia products are so effective…I’ll definitely pick this product..thanks for the review 🙂

  3. Nice review Parul…I didn’t know fabindia products are so effective…I’ll definitely pick this product..thanks for the review 🙂

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