Faces Cosmetics Lip Delicious Kit Photos, Swatches

Faces Cosmetics Lip Delicious Kit Photos Swatches

Faces Cosmetics India has come up with three makeup kits. Each kit is based on a different theme. They are priced at Rs 1000. I think these are great value for money.

This one is a Lip Kit called lip Delicious.
Faces lip delicious

The kit comes sealed there there is a different compartments for each product.

Faces lip delicious

This is a lip palette. There are 5 lip shades with a good mix of pinks, browns, light and dark lip colours. I just wish they had included small lip brush within the palette.

Faces lip delicious lip palette

There are two lip pencils – one is an earthy toned lip pencil and other is a reddish pink lip pencil.

Faces lip delicious lip pencils

There are two Faces lip Gloss. Again, one is reddish pink lip gloss and other is an earthy toned lip gloss.

Faces lip delicious lip gloss

That’s a Faces Lip Butter.

Faces lip delicious lip balm

And there are two lip brushes.

Faces lip delicious lip brushes

So what do you think of Faces Cosmetics Lip Delicious kit?

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For reference, Faces Cosmetics Lip Kit is available at Goyal stores , M2 GK 1 Market. Ph 011 46538578.


46 thoughts on “Faces Cosmetics Lip Delicious Kit Photos, Swatches

    1. Yeah Poornima Faces cosmetics counter is located in AMPA MALL.. its on the corridor only on the second or third floor…

        1. got your mail but haven’t got time to check it as yet. :(( I like lip palettes, the only thing is that I have to clean my brush every time I use it.

            1. foundation and lip brushes – everytime I use them . i use mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning. Eyeshadow brushes once a week.. Earlier i used to use them twice a week but now since I do more eye makeup so I wash them almost every week with a baby shampoo.

  1. i have both the kits.lips and eyes wala..but from Editors Pick, thats a brand from Dubai….. they have awesome good quality,,,pigmented ….stuff… :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

  2. I guess Faces is good for eye shadows and eye pencils.. but their “basic” stuff like foundation and powder sucks… i picked up mineral compact powder and it SUCKED!!! :stars: the puff that came with it was baaaaaaaaaad and it was very weird smelling and went blotchy on the skin! :no:
    But i got some eye pencils in khakhi n green colour and it goes on smooth n dries n sets to an intense, awesome finish which is non-creasing and stays looooong!
    I give 5 :star: to their eye shadows and eye pencils! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. Hi
    I just picked up this kit from Faces store at Infinity Mall, Mumbai. Its quite a big store and the mall has all real bigggggg brands. so I assumed Faces, Canada also to be some really nice one. So I picked up their kits for gifting, bought around three. But their packing and presentation was horrible. I had to ask them to provide me fresh kits and not the ones on display. The boxes and the paper bags looked dusty and like as if years old. 🙁 I spent around 3000/- and now I am repenting. 🙁 I hope the products atleast turn out good.

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