Faces Skincare Strawberry Face Wash

Faces Skincare Strawberry Face Wash

Just like how I love the fruit, I like the flavor of strawberry. I like it in my lip balm, my lipstick, my body lotion, my face wash and anything else that you can give me. I just haven’t tried any strawberry shampoo though. Anyway, coming back to the strawberry face wash, I jumped at the idea of buying it. To tell you the truth, I had just used a pedicure set from Faces and was not sure about the company in regards with face products, but since it was strawberry, I took the plunge and I am happy that I had taken that leap to try some new company.

Faces Skincare Strawberry Face Wash

As you can see, my tube is almost over. A range from the Faces skincare section, this product has really suited my skin texture.

Details about the Product


50 gm.


The face wash claims to contain strawberry extracts for a smooth skin. It describes itself as an effective face wash that suits all skin types. The strawberry extract getly removes the dirt , without hampering the softness of the skin and makes you feel fresh and your face smooth.

Directions of Use:

• Take a small quantity into your palm.
• Work into a lather.
• Massage over the face and neck.
• Rinse thoroughly with after massaging.
• Use a moisturizer after use, if required.


Aqua, Ammonium Lauryl, Ether Sulphate, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Silicone Emulsion, Fragrance, Beads, Methyl Paraben, Strawberry Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Butyl Hydroxy, Benzophenone.


My Take on Faces Strawberry Face Wash:

The face wash has strawberry extract which besides its tempting smell, is a very nutritious fruit as well. Strawberry is a rich source of vitamin C and works as an anti-oxidant which helps in revitalizing the skin. It also contains salicylic acid which helps in getting rid of impurities and dead cells. This, consequently, helps in getting smaller pores and smoother skin.

Every time I apply the face wash, I feel like licking it off. The smell is so strawberry-ish and it worked well on my combination skin. Though it could not rid me of my problem of big pores, whenever I use this face wash, my pores seem a little smaller and there is an instant freshness and glow that comes after the wash.

Strawberry face wash

Pros of the Faces Strawberry Face Wash:

• The strawberry smell and flavor that the face wash has.
• Strawberry extract has multiple benefits. So, it should work well on the skin.
• Since the face wash is for all skin types, everyone can try it, but I think it is perfect for combination skin.
• The consistency of the face wash is good. It is neither runny nor viscous
• It helps in reducing pores and makes the skin smooth.

face wash

Cons of the Faces Strawberry Face Wash:

• The packaging is not good.
• The face wash has a tendency of clotting, especially it clots near the mouth and has to be regularly cleaned.
• The temptation of licking the face wash is not very healthy
• Availability of the face wash might be a problem. I have not seen any showroom of Faces or even any shop that sells all of its products. Future Group stores like Pantaloons or Big Bazaar sometimes keep Faces products.


My Rating of the Product:

I would give it a 3.75 / 5.

Will I Buy the Faces Strawberry Face Wash Again?

I like to experiment with my face washes. So, I would, in most probability, try some new face wash, but if I do get another one, I might pick up one because its not that easily available.

Hope you all enjoy the strawberry rush with this face wash



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13 thoughts on “Faces Skincare Strawberry Face Wash

  1. “The temptation of licking the face wash is not very healthy” as a Con :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    I have not come accross this face wash yet, if i do then i will definitely buy it

    1. Ya…though of listing it as a hilarious con…BUt yea surely my line is has become famous… lol hehe :preen: YEah Shami, do go for it :waytogo:

  2. Seems nice! :dumb: :dumb: I might just try it the next time I find it…or not…My face wash wishlist is growing too quick for my comfort. :nono: :nono:
    “The temptation of licking the face wash is not very healthy” as a con is seriously hilarious!! 😆 :lol2: :lol2:
    Great review. :teeth :teddy:

    1. Thanks Pragnyadeepta…. Once you use the facewash you will know why I have used this line as a con…THe smell is too tempting!!

      1. I had a moisturiser like that once…my niece kept sniffin around me the first time I wore it…eventually she decided to bite my arm to confirm whether it’s taste was as nice as it’s smell. 😐 😐

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