How to Fix Common Eyebrow Problems

Eyebrows play a great role in deciding the overall look of our face. Well groomed and well shaped brows direct the focus on our eyes. Whereas, the reverse of it may make us look awful.


Thin, uneven or irregularly shaped eyebrows are few common eyebrow problems that many of us must have faced. Under these conditions, either you can wait for the hair to grow back before you can set them right, or you can follow some of the instant tips which can help you correct the disaster to a certain degree.

Tips to correct common eyebrow problems:

Eyebrows shape: The first and the foremost problem that many women face is regarding the shape of their eyebrows. There are four different things that you might come across while shaping your eyebrows:

• Thick brows: The stray hairs that grow in the crease area i.e. below the brow line and just above the eyelid. Thick eyebrows make your eyes look smaller.
• Long brows: Stray hairs that are present around the outer corner of eyebrows tend to make your eyes look droopy. It creates a look of sadness.


• Uni-brow: When you have too many stray hairs across the bridge of your nose, then two brows look like one single brow. This makes your eyes appear close set.
• Rounded or high brow arches: High or overly rounded eyebrow arches leave excessive space in the crease area of your eyes. It makes your eyes appear smaller. With such a shape you may look quizzical or stunned.

Overtrimmed or overplucked brows:

Choose a brow pencil that matches your eyebrow hair. If you have dark eyebrows then choose a pencil that is one shade lighter than your eyebrow colour. If your eyebrow is lighter, then a darker shade pencil works well. Avoid using a cream-based eye shadow or eyebrow pencil that can give an artificial look.

Use the pencil from inner part of the brows and gently draw lines outwards. Now, take a brow brush and go over your eyebrow quite a few times to blend the pencil colour applied. You can also apply a clear brow gel to make the eyebrow hair stay in place and look full and glossy.


In the end one tip that I would like to give is not to wax your eyebrows. When you do so then there is always a chance of them going out of shape. Also, waxing can peel of the soft skin around the brow. No matter how painful threading is I would still opt for it as it is always a safe bet as far as shaping your eyebrow goes.

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11 thoughts on “How to Fix Common Eyebrow Problems

  1. I know a few people who get their eyebrow waxed with the katori wax. but it;s kinda scary because the area around the eyebrows is very delicate and stretching it brutally can be harmful in long run.

    Good one , era. 🙂

  2. I do eyebrows every 3 weeks…..I love sharp and clean looks of well done eyebrows…

    I had to bring this up though.

    In US, I have been to Indian-owned salons and professional (lets say non-Indian salons)….there is a huge difference in customer service……most of the Indian ones offer such “bekaar” service, I dont even “tip” them….entire time….they are talking to colleagues or are on the phone…..laughing at each other’s jokes……and dont even accept their mistakes…its always customer’s fault…..take customers for granted.

    Where as in others, they “talk” to you, ask you about how your day went, ask about any specific needs, take care of you as if you are “the” client. Some also offer refreshments. And always apologize if a customer finds fault.

    1. My main take was that….sometimes I go there specially for threading, as they are the only ones who offer that service and then return home unhappy about service.

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