Floral Jewellery Trend

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Flowers and their aroma have such an enchanting magic around them and when these flowers take the form of jewellery and they are bedecked on a woman then that means exquisite magic. Let’s find out everything about the flower jewellery trend in this post today.

floral jewelry

Tradition of Floral Jewellery

tradition of floral jewelry

The trend of wearing floral jewellery is not new and is in fact quite ancient. Flower jewellery has been worn in India since ages but due to extensive depiction of flower jewellery by celebrities, it has again become a latest fashion fad. Now more and more to-be brides are experimenting with different kinds of floral jewellery.
Variety of Flowers Used

There are a variety of flowers that are used to make these fragrant pieces of jewellery. The most used flower varieties are Mogra, Jasmine, Orchids, Carnations, Rose Or Even Rajnigandha. Some exotic varieties of flowers are can also be used like Button Daisies or Spider Orchids.

Types of Flower-based Ornaments

types of floral jewelry

There are many different body ornaments that can be made from fresh flowers like gajra, floral headband, maang tika, various neck pieces, earrings, armlets, bracelets, anklets or waist belts.

Types of Floral Ornaments

There are generally 2 kinds of floral ornaments.

1. Fresh flower jewellery: this is the kind of floral jewellery that will last you a day and will remain fresh for one day only.

2. Dry flower jewellery: this jewellery may last you a few days and can be preserved over time.

Tips for Wearing Floral Jewellery:

1. Wear your floral jewellery as pop of contrast to your outfit. Aim for contrast between your dress and jewellery and forget about blending in to stand out.

funky floral jewelry

2. Your neckline matters when choosing a floral neckpiece. If your outfit has higher neckline then opt for a longer string of and delicate flowers. And, if you would be wearing a deep neck then chokers made out of small to medium flowers will work wonders.

3. Yes, flowers look great when worn as a statement piece but they also gel well with other ornaments like beads, pearls or pieces of kundan.

floral jewelry for mehendi

4. If you are a to-be bride then you can easily incorporate floral jewellery in your Haldi or mehndi function. Orchids for your Haldi function or jasmine for your mehndi will bring out that effortless and charming look in no time.

5. If you are looking to sport a traditional look in your marriage functions then you can go for flowers like rose, jasmine or mogra. For a contemporary look, fresh flowers like button daisies or spider orchids will do you wonders.

Celebrities Who Opted For Floral Jewellery for Wedding

bollywood floral jewelry

Bollywood divas sizzled on their wedding with floral jewellery either during the day event or incorporating florals in to traditional jewellery.

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