8 Foods to Avoid for Acne Prone Skin

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How are you all doing? I am doing great and hope you guys are finding my articles useful. Coming back to today’s topic, we would be talking about, foods to avoid for acne prone skin. It is said that sensitive skin and acne prone skin are the most difficult one to take care of. These foods tend to trigger acne and hence make sure you avoid them as much as possible.


1. Chocolate:


People with acne prone skin, should avoid consuming chocolate, because it contains a high amount of fatty acids and sugar in it. A combination of fatty acids and sugar, can lead to sebum production in the human body, which in turn triggers acne on the skin. I know controlling chocolate is one of the challenging jobs, but girls with acne prone skin you will have to do it.

2. Spicy food:


You should avoid taking spicy food, because these foods can increase the chances of breakout and also trigger boils and acne. If you love spicy food, you may often suffer from breakouts or boils on the skin. People with acne prone skin should avoid consuming spicy food, especially red chilly and red chilly puree or powder.

3. Cheese:


People with sensitive skin should say no to cheese, because they end up triggering acne on your skin. According to a research, people who had cheese in their regular diet, faced acne problem than those who don’t.

4. Peanut Butter:

Foods to avoid for people with acne prone skin

Consuming peanut butter is a big no-no for people who particularly deal with acne on a daily basis. If you love consuming peanut butter on bread, make sure you alter it with butter or jam. There are many side effects of consuming peanut butter.

5. Fried foods:

Foods to avoid for people with acne prone skin

You should opt for homemade and healthy snacks rather than fried foods. After saying no to chocolate, another thing you need to resist is the fried foods. Say no to a burger, fries or any other fried items.

6. Bread:

Foods to avoid for people with acne prone skin

Bread, is one among cereal, that can cause inflammation and breakouts on the skin. Wheat contains soy, sugar which can lead to acne on the skin.

7. Coffee:

Foods to avoid for people with acne prone skin

It is said that, you should not drink coffee because the caffeine present in it triggers acne and breakout on the skin. A particular organic acid is present in the coffee beans, which promotes the level of cortisol, which ultimately leads to a production of acne on the skin. Apart from this, consuming coffee can also lead to depression in a person.

8. Nuts:

Foods to avoid for people with acne prone skin

I want to be clear and honest, there is no relation between nuts and acne, but many scientists believe that consuming nuts can lead to acne. So, make sure you avoid nuts as much as you can.

Quick tips for people with acne prone skin:

• You should include more of fresh veggies in your diet.
• Try to include sprouts in your breakfast.
• Wash your face regularly and avoid overeating.
• Drink lots of water
• Include fresh juices in your diet.

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