Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots Review

Hello, ladies!

Today, I am talking about a very useful product that I have tried for the first time ever. I have tried gel cushions but, I have never tried spot cushion for specific areas. Recently, I found these Forever21 Soft Spots gel cushion. Read on to more about it.


Price: Rs. 129/-
Product Description:
A set of six shoe cushions crafted from the gel.

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots:


Soft Spot gel shoe cushion comes in a nice silver clear pouch and there is no information/instruction provided about these cushions. But, these are very simple to use. One sheet contains 6 soft spot cushions and they are small oval shaped soft gel transparent pad. These are invisible on shoes. It has a sticky back that nicely sticks on my shoes.


I need to peel it off from a sheet and place it on my shoes. I can place them according to my need where I actually need extra protection. These are spot cushion, basically, we all use shoe cushion but, it is rare to find such spot cushion for those specific areas on feet like fingers, side of the foot or just above your heel area. These few areas are also quite affected during wearing a boots or cover shoes. So, this soft spot helps to protect those specific areas. I love this concept and as a boot lover, I always need such tools.


This soft spot comes in a soft smooth texture and it feels very comfortable and it takes care of my feet gently. Its thick padding might make already tight shoes a little tighter but, I always prefer wearing comfortable shoes; so, it fits well in my shoes. I have used them on my belly shoes and sports shoes and they help to avoid any kind of pain or burn in those areas.


Now, they provide 6 cushions so, I can use them in various shoes at the same time. It never leaves any stickiness behind my shoes. Also, I can reuse these spots to clean them with a wipe. Hence, I never wash them. I have no idea about how it will react with water, but still, it works nice and provides a relaxed effect to my feet. It makes my walking experience nice and comfortable. I can walk for long without any pain, especially in my new shoes. So, if you are wearing a new shoe and want to avoid that pain then, it is a great product to pick.


It never causes any sweat or never feels heavy. It has some common shape that fits with all type of foot. It never irritated my feet. It keeps them relaxed throughout the day. The only problem is that I can use them only with cover shoes. These are not for slippers or sandals. If there is some flat area to place it properly, only then I can use it otherwise it is not for all shoes. Overall, I love this product and it really takes care of my foot gently and keeps them painless. This is a super affordable feet saver product that we all have to pick. This is totally a worth buy.

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots:

  • Pretty packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • Contains 6 cushions.
  • Reusable and sticks strongly on shoes.
  • Soft, smooth, comfortable feels light.
  • The transparent cushion looks invisible on shoes.
  • Gently takes care of the specific problematic areas on foot.
  • Can be used according to my need and works great for cover shoes.
  • Keeps feet pain-free and relaxing.
  • Helps to avoid any burns.
  • Perfect for new shoes.
  • Size is good for all type of spots.
  • Can walk for long freely.

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots:

  • Can’t be used on slippers or sandals that have small areas.
  • No details/information on packaging.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots?
Yes to both.

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