Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Creme Review

Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Creme

garnier purea daily treatment creme
I like Garnier products [I know many don’t] like their body cocoon, pimple control pen and this PureA Daily Treatment cream. My first Garnier product was this Daily cream and the way it worked on me, made me try other products from this brand.

The Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Cream helps clear imperfections. It has salicylic acid and zinc. This cream claims to
• Refine pores
• Smoothen the skin tone
• To leave skin soft and supple

From the back of the tube

garnier purea daily treatment creme tube
Is Garnier PureA Daily Treatment crème right for me?
Yes, if stress, hormonal fluctuations or pollution upset your skin and make it prone to imperfections such as pimples, acne and visible pores, if you have combination to oily skin.

How is it different?

• It is a double action treatment
• The formula helps clear impurities day after day, without irritating the skin.
• It hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable all day.

How do I use it?

Apply PureA Daily Treatment Creme to the whole face (not only on the pimple prone area) morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin. It is an excellent base for makeup.
garnier purea daily treatment creme tube
The 30ml tube costs Rs.95.

If I have to say about this cream in one line – This is my HG face cream.

My cousin who is doing MBBS, suggested me this cream. She used to get rash kind of skin allergy in her chin very often. It looks so bad and she never found a solution for that until she used this cream. Later she found that it was caused due to friction when she rests her hand on her chin in the class and during studying.

Though I didn’t have any major skin problem I always wanted a good face cream. Most of the face creams I tried either made my face too oily or did nothing, but this cream did magic. I used to take a very small quantity and apply it on my face and neck and I am done. There was a shine on my face whenever I applied this and also in long run I could see significant improvement in my skin. My skin was 100% clear without any imperfections or small dark spots.

Pros of Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Creme

• Provides right amount of moisture.
• Never broke me out.
• Helped in reducing the pores.
• Cleared imperfections.
• Easy to use tube – I can even squeeze out the last bit.
• Nozzle controls the amount of cream coming out.
• Worth the price for what it does.
• 1 tube lasts me for 2 months approximately.
• Gives a shine and glow.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Suits all skin types. I have a combination skin more on the dry side and my cousin has a oily skin and this cream helped both of us.
• Smells good.

Cons of Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Creme

I couldn’t spot this tube anywhere these days. I have tried in almost all places in Chennai and I couldn’t find it anywhere, whereas my cousin in Australia gets it there.

My Rating – 5/5

Will I Repurchase– Yes for sure. I’m planning to write to Garnier to ask if they have stopped this cream here. I really wish they didn’t.

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23 thoughts on “Garnier PureA Daily Treatment Creme Review

  1. i like only Garnier body cocoon….as it works great on my dry skin………………but wish if could get it also with SPG :blush: :blush:

  2. hey aarthi.
    u know how much i love ur reviews :jiggy1:
    the moment I see ur name on the post, i read it immediately. :happydance:
    I so much want this now.. :woot:
    I have never seen this cream before. :jiggy2:
    I have added this to my must bu8y list.
    nice review :clap2:
    thanks dear

  3. wow aarthi.. 5/5 for a garnier Cream.. i need to chk this out then :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. never got tempted to buy any garnier product but hav to luk out for this now… :thanks: :thanks:

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