Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner Review

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

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Ever feel like there’s this one product that everyone, literally each and every person, has tried but you haven’t. It feels like everyone else is part of this special little club and you’re left clueless. That’s how I felt about Giovanni’s leave-in conditioner. I keep hearing (mostly) rave reviews about the product. I love the company’s shampoos and in-shower conditioner so when I spotted this one at my local Target, a humongous store that sells everything, I decided to give it a shot. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with this product on IMBB!


Product Background and Description


O.K. maybe cause I’m a nerd, company and product histories are as interesting to me as using products. So here’s a teeny tiny bit of background: Giovanni, a family owned company based in Los Angeles, was founded in the 1970’s by Arthur Guidotti, a leading Beverly Hills stylist and hair salon owner. Guidotti wanted to create hair products inspired by nature but that were still compelling, high performance formulas, which is what the company is dedicated to even today. Today, Giovanni offers a range of hair and skin products that use as many natural ingredients as possible. Another factor that sets Giovanni products apart from competitors is their packaging which is designed to be eco-friendly and chic. All their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES and no animal products besides naturally derived beeswax.


Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner promises to penetrate “into each individual hair to provide exactly what’s needed, every time.” It “uses enriched proteins to repair hair as you go through the day.” It also claims to plump “hair so it feels thicker, more bodified. Styled. Weightlessly.” Furthermore, “natural botanicals moisturize and detangle hair while infusing weightless body for easy styling.” And, finally, “restores strength, luster and nourishment to abused hair.”


$7.99 for 8.5 fl oz. or 250 ml

My Experience with Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

My hair is the poster child for abused hair. When unstyled it pretty much looks like the “before” photo in most hair serum ads. Dry, frizzy, damaged – I have it all down. After a year of multiple colorings, constant heat styling, and frequent shampooing, what else can one expect? Anyway, being the optimist I am, I realized there is an upside to my hair woes. It makes me the perfect person to test products out. I mean what do I have to lose (besides more hair!)? Anyway, all hyperbolic talk aside, I follow a lot of hair-related beauty blogs and forums to help me find the best products. And one recurring recommendation for dry and damaged hair was this leave-in conditioner. I’m more of an in-shower conditioner girl, but decided this was worth a try.

This product has a pretty thick consistency. It’s creamier than most conditioners, but not as thick as hair masks. It’s pretty easy to work it into wet hair and it can easily be evenly distributed into hair by running a comb or brush through the hair. The product smells really weird. To me, it smells the way oranges do when they go bad. Luckily, the smell fades as the hair dries, so you’re not left smelling the product all day.

Interestingly, this conditioners performance ranges from pretty good to awful by just altering the amount of it used. Initially, I used to put the same amount of this conditioner in my hair, as I did for regular, in-shower conditioners. This was a bad bad idea. As a result, it took my hair ages to dry and when it did dry, my hair felt weighed down and sticky. So sticky, it was impossible to run my fingers through it. When I used about half of that amount, it worked much better. Hair definitely felt softer, shinier, and ends looked healthier, as opposed to no leave-in conditioner.

My hair routine prior to putting this in also makes a big change. If I follow this up with an in-shower conditioner, it certainly works better. On the other hand, if I skip the in-shower conditioner, my hair doesn’t feel or look all that healthy afterwards. I must mention here that this conditioner is silicone-free, among being free of many other nasty ingredients. The performance, in my opinion, doesn’t match up to conditioners with ‘cones. However, when compared to other silicone-free conditioners I’ve used, this definitely ranks high up.

Long term, I haven’t really noticed a change in my hair after using this. As for the “plumping” effect the product offers, I haven’t noticed that either. Although, when I used a smaller amount, my hair does feel a little more voluminous or “bouncy” than when I use a serum. This also provides some protection against humidity. So my hair doesn’t get as frizzy, as opposed to when I skip a conditioner after shampooing. But as I mentioned earlier, the performance in this aspect to does not match silicone-based serums and conditioners. However, if you’re looking for a decent silicone-free conditioner, this is definitely recommended!

Pros of Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

– No Sulphates, Parabens, Dyes, or Cones in the product.
– Cruelty Free. Not tested on animals.
– 100% Vegetarian Ingredients
– Works pretty well for a Silicone-Free conditioner to add moisture, prevent frizz, and add body.

Cons of Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner:

– Unpleasant smell.
– Isn’t the most hydrating leave-in conditioner on the market.
-There are cheaper leave-in conditioners available. The price for a drugstore product is quite high and may be prohibitive to some.

IMBB Rating


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  1. not sure about the product….but yes will look forward to more reviews from ur end…for gud hair care products as u r on a trial spree….
    I mean what do I have to lose (besides more hair!)?….. rofl rofl rofl

  2. Don’t know about the worth of product, but it’s totally worth reading such a beautiful well written, humorous and honest review. *clap* *jai ho* *haan ji*

  3. i lofffed so much while reading this review. rofl You should write more *hihi*

    I get that too. “everyone loves it but i haven’t even tried it ” and have ended up with so many duds. 😛 I havent used a leave in conditioner so far. Sounds strange considering I write a beauty blog. 😛 Thank you for the heads up for this one. If I had come across this one I would have felt the same – not part of the club kinds and taken the plunge. 😛

    loovved the review *puchhi*

    1. Thanks, Rati!!!! 😀 😀 *puchhi*
      Yaa, I don’t get the point of leave-conditioners…I’ve tried a couple and never warmed up to any *headbang*
      Ahhh, I keep thinking I’ll write more, but get busy with other important stuff (like watching trashy reality programs, you know 😉 ). This is more fun and engaging…definitely!

    1. Sure, Sakhi : )) . Yea, I think leave-in conditioners are just some marketing gimmick. But so many people swear by them! *haan ji*

  4. *hihi* *hihi* too gud gal.. *clap* *clap* I ws eyeing on this conditioner fr my hubby bt its kind of skip for me… *nababana* totally enjoyed ur humorous brillliant write up devie.. *hihi* *clap* *clap*

  5. AWwww lovely review *woot* *woot* *woot* you write so well *clap* *clap* *clap* hahaha i always feel like trying something or the other… whats the issue lol *hihi* *hihi* but now i have those products and don’t use them at all *headbang* *headbang* half turned out to be so bad *headbang* my leave in conditioner from paul mitchell is awesome *happy dance*

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